Omni launches Riva Integration Server for Exchange

Riva satisfies the need for sales and support staff to capture and integrate CRM information more quickly and easily – and not have to deal with the challenges of installing, upgrading and supporting Outlook plug-ins.

EDMONTON, CANADA – 5 Oct 2009 – Omni, today announced the launch of Riva Integration Server for Exchange. Riva provides the first server-side, transparent, multi-CRM integration solution for hosted or on-premise Exchange and CRMs. Riva gets installed once at the server level. There is nothing to install on each user’s desktop, laptop or mobile devices. In addition to bi-directional synchronising of calendar and address book data, Riva allows salespeople and support staff to view and edit CRM opportunities, service requests and quotes directly from their Outlook, Entourage for Mac, Outlook Web Access, BlackBerry, ActiveSync and other Exchange clients. Riva Integration Server for Exchange is compatible with hosted and on-premise Exchange 2010, 2007 and 2003.

Riva delivers the simplest yet the most powerful CRM integration solution for Exchange,” said Aldo Zanoni, CEO and Managing Director of Omni. “Prior to Riva, organisations were limited to client-side Outlook CRM plug-ins that were only available for Windows clients; plug-ins that are clumsy, inefficient and costly to install and maintain. Help desk and desktop support staff continually have to deal with the challenges of installing, upgrading and trouble shoooting Outlook plug-ins on every computer, laptop and mobile device in the company. More than just basic address book and calendar synchronisation, Riva delivers automated integration and interoperability. Riva Integration Server for Exchange is a game-changing arrival in the CRM integration space for Exchange. It’s simple to use, simple to deploy, simple to manage and works the way end-users expect it to work.”

“If Riva shaves off even 30 seconds per email on 50 emails per day,” said Trevor Poapst, Director of Global Marketing for Omni, “the time savings are significant. Using Riva’s SmartConvert Drop Folders, we save an additional five minutes for every new opportunity, support incident or quote that gets automatically created in the CRM. This translates to savings of one hour a day, 240 hours a year – or one full extra month of selling or support time per year, per employee. Riva frees up your help desk and desktop support staff to focus on other priorities. Riva delivers the immediate benefits of faster and better deployment, user adoption and end-user satisfaction. And don’t forget the impact of having better information to support improved sales processes.”

“Riva gets rid of all of the installation, upgrade and support problems caused by Outlook plug-ins,” continued Zanoni. “Riva gets installed once at the server level. Nothing has to be installed on any Outlook clients. Riva provides bi-directional synchronisation of contacts, appointments, tasks and phone calls. It also allows you to view and access your opportunites, quotes and service requests – directly from Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Macintosh Entourage, BlackBerry, ActiveSync and other Exchange clients. Macintosh users absolutely LOVE being able to access CRM from Entourage. They no longer feel like CRM integration second-class citizens. End-users have the option to live and work in Outlook or Entourage and have full access to their business-critical CRM data.”

Riva Integration Server for Exchange is compatible with the following on-premise, hosted and SaaS-based CRMs:

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Oracle CRM
  • SugarCRM
  • NetSuite CRM
  • SageCRM
  • Sage Saleslogix
  • GoldMine
  • info@hand CRM

“CRM integration is no longer just a ‘nice-to-have’ for enterprise clients. It is an absolutely ‘must-have’ when looking to leverage your CRM to its fullest. Tight and transparent integration is a requirement for organisations to efficiently manage customer sales and support data,” said Zanoni. “The challenge is that front-line staff live in Outlook. That’s where they spend the majority of their day, sending and receiving emails and accessing their address book and calendars. Because of the problems related to Outlook plug-ins and the fact there is no support for Macintosh, Web Access or other clients, valuable data often does not get entered into the CRM. Sales opportunities get missed. Support incidents fall through the cracks. And critical background information for customers often does not get captured. This slow CRM adoption and incomplete data means a company will not reap the full benefits of their CRM deployment.”

“From an end-user’s perspective, Riva’s greatest strength is its transparency. Users don’t have to learn to do anything new. They just keep working in Outlook or Entourage and synchronisation just happens! Changes to contacts or calendar data in Outlook or Entourage are automatically synchronised to CRM – or vice versa,” said Zanoni. “Because the synchronisation is transparent, users are more willing to enter information into either system because the information only needs to be entered once and is then accessible in both systems. Riva’s quick ‘drag-and-forget’ email archiving delivers significant end-user satisfaction because of the efficiencies. Sales and support staff really value Riva’s ability to automatically SmartConvert an Outlook email into a CRM opportunity, support case or quote.”

For more information on Riva, the first server-side, multi-CRM integration platform available for hosted and on-premise Exchange and CRMs, please contact Omni at or +1 780.423.4200.

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