Riva CRM Integration – Customer Training

Looking to move beyond Outlook CRM plug-ins? Riva delivers advanced, server-side CRM integration for Outlook 2010, Outlook Web Access, Entourage for Mac, Mac Mail, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and other Exchange ActiveSync mobile devices – NO plug-ins required!

Contact us to schedule a 45-minute Riva demonstration for your team.

Beyond Outlook CRM Plug-ins

Riva goes beyond standard Outlook CRM plug-ins by transparently synchronizing Exchange and CRM address book information (accounts, contacts, leads), calendar data (meetings, tasks, appointments, phone calls) and CRM opportunities, cases, quotes and projects at the server level. With Riva, there are no client-side plug-ins that need to be installed on users’ desktops, laptops or mobile devices.

In addition, Riva delivers powerful automation capabilities that save sales and support staff up to 60 minutes per day (an extra week of selling time per year) from manual CRM data entry. For example, use Riva SmartConvert Folders to automatically create CRM opportunities by copying emails into a “Create New Opportunity” folder in Outlook. Quickly and easily archive emails to CRM accounts, contacts, opportunities, cases and quotes with Riva AssignTo Folders.

Agenda (45 min):

  • Discuss your CRM integration requirements (5 min)
  • Discuss Riva’s advanced, server-side CRM integration (15 min)
  • Demo: Riva contact and calendar synchronization (5 min)
  • Demo: Riva SmartConvert and AssignTo Folders (5 min)
  • Demo: How to configure Exchange and CRM connections (5 min)
  • Demo: How to configure a Riva Sync Policy (5 min)
  • Questions and Answers (5 min)

Connection Instructions:

We use Adobe ConnectNow for our Riva demonstrations. All Windows, Mac and Linux browsers with a minimum of Flash version 8.2 are supported.

1. Go to: https://connectnow.acrobat.com/omni1
2. Enter your name in the “Guest Name” field. Click the “Enter Meeting” button.
3. Your request to join the web seminar will be granted by the presenter.

Audio instructions

Please call or Skype the phone numbers below to connect to the audio component of the web seminar. For users with a microphone and speakers, we will use the built-in VOIP component of our conferencing software.

  • Austria: 0820 4000 1552
  • Belgium: 070 35 9974
  • Canada: 1.712.432.1600
  • France: 0826 100 256
  • Germany: 01805 00 76 09
  • Ireland: 0818 270 021
  • Italy: 848 390 156
  • Netherlands: 0870 001 920
  • Spain: 9 02 886025
  • Switzerland: 0848 560 179
  • UK: 0844 58 191 02
  • United States: 1.712.432.1600

Participant Code: 451386#

Contact us to schedule a 45-minute Riva demonstration for your team.