Riva Integration Server now available on Salesforce AppExchange

Advanced, server-side sync software for Salesforce, Exchange and GroupWise. Sync Salesforce contact, calendar, sales and support data to Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Entourage, Mac Mail, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices – no plug-ins required.


  • Server-side integration – no plug-ins or mobile apps need to be installed, configured or managed on users’ desktops, laptops or mobile devices. Includes Riva Single Sign-on for Salesforce.
  • Integrates with Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Entourage, Apple Mail / iCal / Address Book, GroupWise, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and other smartphones. Supports hosted and on-premise versions of Exchange.
  • Syncs Salesforce accounts, contacts, leads, appointments, meetings, tasks, custom fields, opportunities, cases, quotes, projects and more. Archives emails to Salesforce. Riva SmartConvert Folders reduce manual data entry.


Riva delivers advanced, “server-side” integration for Salesforce, Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise. Use Riva to sync Salesforce to Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Entourage, Apple Mail, GroupWise, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android devices.

Use Riva to:

  • Sync Salesforce accounts
  • Sync Salesforce contacts
  • Sync Salesforce leads
  • Sync Salesforce custom fields
  • Sync Salesforce appointments (incl. recurring appointments)
  • Sync Salesforce meetings
  • Sync Salesforce phone calls
  • Sync Salesforce tasks
  • Sync Salesforce opportunities
  • Sync Salesforce support cases
  • Sync Salesforce quotes
  • Sync Salesforce projects
  • Sync other custom Salesforce objects…

Advanced integration options

  • Riva AssignTo Folders – Archive emails (and attachments) against Salesforce accounts, contacts, opportunities, cases, quotes and projects. Automatic archiving available.
  • Riva SmartConvert Folders – Convert emails into Salesforce opportunities, cases or quotes. This feature saves salespeople up to 60 minutes per day in manual data entry.
  • Riva ConnectBar – View and manage Salesforce opportunities directly from your mail client or mobile device.

What customers like:

  • Server-side integration – no plug-ins or mobile apps are required!
  • Support hosted an on-premise Exchange (incl. BPOS and Terminal Services)
  • Syncs to native apps on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phones
  • Supports Entourage, Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book
  • Upgrade-safe (CRM, email system, workstation)
  • Cloud-based sync option

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