FREE 5-user Riva licence for Sugar Professional or Enterprise

Following are step-by-step instructions on how to install Riva and receive your FREE 5-user Riva licence for Sugar Pro or Enterprise for one year (Offer valid to September 30th, 2010). Renewals in Year 2 will be charged at regular pricing (volume discounts available):

1. Set up a Windows workstation/server that meets the following requirements:

2. Register and download Riva:

3. Install Riva and configure your email and Sugar connections. View the specific Sugar and Exchange configuration tutorials and documentation:

4. Work through the “Request License” wizard:

N.B. And don’t forget to add the “promotion code” from the webcast when you submit your download form.

Riva for Sugar training videos

View the following Riva for Sugar administration and end-user videos and tutorials:

They will show you how to configure the Riva connections for Exchange and SugarCRM, how to request a licence, and how to configure synchronization policies. The end-user tutorials will show you and your end-users how to leverage Riva’s server-side integration and save time with Riva SmartConvert and Riva AssignTo folders.