Riva Integration Server for Saleslogix and SageCRM

Riva Integration Server for SageCRM and Saleslogix bridges the CRM user adoption and satisfaction gap by delivering server-side synchronization of address book, calendar, sales and support data with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, OWA, Mac Mail and Novell GroupWise.

Beyond Outlook Plug-ins and Exchange Link for Sage

Riva overcomes the limitations often associated with the Outlook plug-in and Exchange Link by providing server-side synchronization of SalesLogix address book, calendar, sales and support, opportunities, cases and quote data with Microsoft Exchange, Mac Mail and Novell GroupWise.

Riva is fully compatible with Outlook Web Access, Outlook, Outlook on Terminal Services, Entourage for Mac, Mac Mail / iCal / Address Book, iPhone, BlackBerry and other Exchange mobile clients.

Riva introduces advanced email productivity and CRM automation capabilities that reduce the time users spend entering information and manually creating opportunities, cases and quotes in Sage SalesLogix. With Riva, no Outlook CRM plug-ins need to be installed and configured on users’ laptops or desktops. There are no special applications to install on users’ mobile devices. All integration happens server-side and is support by ALL native Exchange and GroupWise email and mobile clients.

Key synchronization features

  • Server-side synchronization between SalesLogix and Exchange or GroupWise
  • No Outlook CRM plug-ins are required
  • No mobile applications required on mobile devices
  • “Upgrade-safe” (CRM, Exchange, workstation)
  • Syncs address book and calendar data (bi-directional)
  • Syncs SalesLogix opportunities, cases, quotes
  • SmartConvert emails to SalesLogix opportunities, cases or quotes
  • Riva ConnectBar automatically links you to SalesLogix opportunities, cases or quotes from your Exchange or GroupWise client
  • Riva AssignTo allows you to archive emails from your inbox to SalesLogix contacts, opportunities, cases or quotes
  • Respects SalesLogix’ access and security control
  • Administrator can centrally manage Riva sync policies
  • Syncs custom Outlook and SalesLogix fields
  • Syncs recurring appointments
  • Riva is the only Saleslogix sync solution with native support for the Outlook WebAccess, Mac Mail, iCal, Address Book and GroupWise clients
  • Native mobile device support to for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and other Exchange smartphones

Supported systems

  • Riva Integration Server (on-premise and hosted editions)
  • Microsoft Exchange (on-premise, hosted, BPOS)
  • Microsoft Outlook (workstation or Terminal Services)
  • Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • Mac Mail, iCal and Address Book
  • Microsoft Entourage for Mac
  • Novell GroupWise Windows, Mac and Linux clients
  • iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and other ActiveSync mobile devices

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