Riva brings CRM Integration to the iPad

Riva delivers seamless, server-side integration between leading CRM systems and the native iPad address book, calendar and email applications – without needing to install any additional CRM plug-in software or mobile applications.

Edmonton and Greifenberg/Munich – 17 November 2010 – Omni Technology Solutions, Inc., the first company to develop server-side integrations for Microsoft Exchange, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CRM, NetSuite, Sugar and other leading CRM systems, now supports the iPad. With a few clicks, Riva from Omni can be configured to allow iPad users to access CRM contacts, calendar and opportunities directly on their iPad. Salespeople can now use their iPad as a presentation tool and to view and edit CRM data. Riva’s bi-directional synchronization ensures that modifications made in the CRM or on the iPad get synchronized. Riva syncs more than 12 leading CRM systems with all Exchange and GroupWise email clients, including the iPad. No additional CRM plug-in software or mobile applications are required for the synchronization to occur. As long as your iPad can talk to Exchange or GroupWise, Riva delivers transparent synchronization.

In the third quarter of 2010, the iPad achieved a 95% market share in the rapidly growing tablet PC market, according to a recent study by Strategy Analytics.1 The iPad is used increasingly by traveling employees and salespeople who are more dependent on information from CRM systems. Salespeople need to look up contact information and check recent orders in preparation for customer visits. During and after customer meetings, salespeople need to be able to update contact details and enter other CRM information directly from their iPad and other mobile devices.

With Riva, sales staff can now use their iPad to update contact information, schedule follow-up appointments, and create and manage CRM opportunities. Supported CRM systems include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar, Oracle CRM, NetSuite, SageCRM, Sage SalesLogix and others. Sales staff can use Mail, Address Book and iCal on their iPad to access CRM contacts, calendar information, opportunities, support cases, quotes and other custom CRM modules at any time.

Riva introduces new time-saving automation features on the iPad. For example, users can archive emails against CRM accounts, contacts, opportunities, cases or projects directly from their iPad by simply moving emails to the appropriate Riva AssignTo Folder in Mail. In addition, users can automatically convert emails into new CRM opportunities by moving sales-related emails into a “Create New Opportunity” folder in Mail on their iPad. Riva will use the email domain and contact information to create the associated accounts and contacts in the CRM if they do not already exist.

“Riva brings CRM integration to the iPad,” said Trevor Poapst, Director of Global Marketing for Omni. “Salespeople can now access their CRM information from the native mail, calendar and address book applications on the iPad. Plus, they can use Riva’s advanced integration options to reduce manual data entry in the CRM and to get more strategic selling time. With Riva, there are no additional CRM plug-ins or mobile applications that need to be installed on users’ iPad devices. The CRM administrator enables the user’s Exchange or GroupWise account and creates a sync policy that controls what information gets synchronized and how often. ARUP Laboratories, Better Place Australia and the Viking Group are three recent customers who are using Riva to bridge the gap between CRM systems and users’ mobile devices.”

Riva delivers an advanced, server-side alternative to legacy CRM plug-ins for Outlook and mobile devices. Riva gets installed once on a server – no plug-ins need to be installed, configured or managed on desktops, laptops or mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone or BlackBerry. Riva is available as an on-premise or cloud-based, SaaS solution and supports hosted and on-premise Exchange, GroupWise and CRM systems.

For more information, visit www.rivacrmintegration.com or contact Omni at +1.780.423.4200.


1. http://www.it-times.de/news/nachricht/datum/2010/11/02/apple-sichert-sich-95-prozent-der-markanteile-im-tablet-pc-markt/

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Omni, The Integration Company, is the developer of Riva, the world’s first server-side CRM synchronization solution for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar, Oracle CRM On Demand, SageCRM, Sage SalesLogix, NetSuite, info@hand, GoldMine and other leading CRM systems. Riva overcomes the limitations of traditional Outlook CRM plug-ins that need to be installed, configured and managed on users’ desktops, laptops and mobile devices. www.rivacrmintegration.com

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