Mobile CRM integration for iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones

Riva Integration Server from Omni delivers mobile CRM integration for the best CRMs – with no plug-ins or applications to install.

Edmonton, Canada and Greifenberg/Munich, Germany – March 24, 2010 – Omni Technology Solutions, Inc., the leading vendor of CRM integration solutions, has revolutionised mobile device access to CRM information with Riva Integration Server. Riva provides server-to-server integration between leading CRMs and Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise. This allows users to access their CRM contacts, appointments, tasks, opportunities, cases and quotes directly from their iPhone, Blackberry or ActiveSync mobile device.

Without having to install anything on the mobile devices, Riva takes advantage of the power of Exchange and native mobile synchronisation. Mobile CRM information is now automatically and natively available for the leading CRMs including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, SugarCRM, Oracle CRM, SageCRM and soon SAP CRM.

Mobile CRM access is no longer a “nice-to-have”. Today’s mobile and CRM users need and expect access to their CRM data on mobile devices. Employees in sales and customer service roles need better mobile access to CRM information. Mobile CRM access helps them increase sales, improve customer support response times and increase productivity.

The breakthrough with Riva is that, unlike legacy CRM integration options that require different mobile applications be installed on mobile devices to access CRM information, Riva Integration Server gets installed once on a server. Riva delivers easy and transparent access to CRM data for all mobile devices. Riva supports on-premise and SaaS, cloud-based systems. Users can sign up for Riva’s new hosted SaaS Riva Live service.

“Our customers report that Riva Integration Server plays a key role in improving CRM user adoption and satisfaction,” says Dr.-Ing. Thomas M. Fleissner, Omni Germany. “With Riva, sales and service staff can view and modify CRM information directly from their mobile device. This has a significant impact in increasing the ROI on the CRM investment.”

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