Sync CRM to iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices

Need to sync CRM contact and calendar information to your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile device? Riva delivers a reliable CRM sync solution for mobile devices – without all the hassles and costs associated with mobile CRM plug-ins.

Server-side alternative to mobile CRM plug-ins

If you’re looking for a better and more reliable way to sync CRM contacts, appointments, tasks and more to your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile phone, you’re not alone. Many CRM customers are dissatisfied with mobile CRM plug-in software that needs to be installed, configured and managed on each salesperson’s mobile device. Riva delivers a server-side mobile CRM integration solution that is less expensive to maintain and syncs CRM information more reliably.

What gets synchronized

In addition to synchronizing CRM contact and calendar data with iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile devices, Riva gives you online and offline access to CRM opportunities, cases and quotes. This comes in handy if you’re sitting in an airport and want to review your CRM sales pipeline on your mobile device in a taxi or need to review a quote while you’re on an airplane. Click the following link to view mobile screenshots.

Following is the complete list of items that Riva syncs to your mobile device:

  • CRM accounts
  • CRM contacts
  • CRM leads
  • CRM appointments
  • CRM meetings
  • CRM tasks
  • CRM phone calls
  • CRM opportunities
  • CRM support cases
  • CRM quotes
  • CRM custom fields
  • And other CRM modules

With Riva, synchronization occurs transparently and is fully bi-directional. Simply update a contact or calendar item in your mobile device’s native address book or calendar and Riva will automatically sync the changes up to the CRM. And, vice versa. Changes made in the CRM will automatically sync down to your mobile device. This makes it easy for office staff to schedule and assign sales calls to mobile salespeople in the CRM and Riva will automatically sync the appointments down to the user’s BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Mobile device.

Mobile CRM sync options

Mobile CRM plug-ins are often limited in terms of functionality and control. They tend to deliver a “one-size-fits-all” CRM sync solution. Riva, on the other hand, delivers granular control over all aspects of the synchronization process.

Following is a list of some of the Riva sync options for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile devices:

  • Support for hosted and on-premise Exchange and CRM accounts:  In fact, Riva itself can be hosted in the Cloud or installed at your premises. Our SaaS CRM integration solution is called Riva Live.
  • Synchronization start time:  This is helpful if you do not wish to sync all 5,000 contacts in your CRM down to your mobile device. Riva can be configured to only sync CRM contact and calendar items that have been created or modified since a certain date.
  • Configure peak and off-peak sync times:  Riva can be configured to sync at different frequencies during “peak times” and “off-peak times” (e.g., every 5 minutes during work hours and every 2 hours during the evening). You can also add blackout times where no synchronization will occur. This is useful during server upgrades and routine maintenance.
  • Sync all new items (or by category):  By default, Riva syncs only those CRM contacts, calendar items and tasks that are assigned the “CRM” category. For mobile devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and certain BlackBerry devices, that don’t use categories, Riva can be configured to sync “all” new address book and calendar information automatically.
  • Sync CRM items by visibility or ownership:  Riva respects CRM security settings and can be configured to only sync those contacts, calendar items, opportunities, cases and quotes that a user “owns” in the CRM or those that are visible to them in the CRM.
  • Control over what gets synched:  Riva delivers full control over which items get synchronized. If your company doesn’t use CRM leads, simply disable that option in Riva. If salespeople don’t need to see CRM support cases or quotes, disable these items in your Riva Sync Policy.
  • Control the number of execution threads:  Riva allows administrators to control server load and the number of concurrent execution threads that are available.
  • And others…

Riva SmartConvert and AssignTo Folders

Riva delivers a number of advanced integration options for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile Phone users. For example, Riva SmartConvert reduces manual CRM data entry by automating the creation of CRM contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases and quotes. Riva AssignTo Folders simplify the process of archiving emails to CRM contacts, accounts, opportunities cases and quotes.

Supported CRM systems

Riva mobile CRM integration is available for the following CRM systems:

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