Beyond PIM Sync and CRM Desktop for Oracle CRM On Demand

Oracle CRM On Demand customers who want to move beyond Outlook plug-ins, such as PIM Sync and CRM Desktop, are now in luck. Riva offers the first server-side sync solution for Oracle CRM On Demand and Microsoft Exchange.

SUNNYVALE, California — December 12, 2011 — Oracle ISV partner, Omni, delivers the first server-side sync solution for Oracle CRM On Demand and Microsoft Exchange. Riva seamlessly syncs contacts, calendar activities, to-do items, email, opportunities and service requests between the two systems. The key difference between Riva and Oracle’s native Outlook plug-ins, PIM Sync and CRM Desktop, is that Riva is simpler to manage for large enterprise customers and it supports all Exchange mail applications and mobile devices.

“Oracle CRM On Demand typically gets installed in very large corporate environments,” said Trevor Poapst, director of global marketing and channel sales. “While Oracle’s new CRM Desktop application provides a significant improvement over PIM Sync, CRM Desktop is still an Outlook plug-in that needs to be installed, configured and managed on users’ desktops and laptops. And it is only available for Outlook on Windows.”

“Riva offers a single, server-side Exchange sync solution that is compatible with all Exchange email applications and mobile devices,” continued Poapst. “There are no Outlook plug-ins or separate mobile apps to install, configure or manage. Riva is compatible with Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Outlook on Citrix and Terminal Services, Office 365, Outlook for Mac, Entourage, and Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book. And hosted or on-premise Exchange Server 2010, 2007 or 2003 systems.”

From a mobile perspective, Riva enables CRM On Demand users to access CRM contact, calendar and to-do information from Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Android and other ActiveSync devices, such as the iPad 2, iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S II, Motorola Droid Razr, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, BlackBerry Bold and others – in connected and disconnected modes. Because Riva syncs CRM data to the native address book, calendar and mail applications, users take advantage of the speed, user interface and native screen resolution of their smartphone and tablet. No additional mobile applications are required.

Other Riva features:

  • Riva SmartConvert Folders – Automatically convert emails into Oracle CRM On Demand opportunities and service requests. Riva will do a match on the associated accounts and contacts and create this information if it does not already exist in the CRM. A powerful time-saver for busy sales reps and support agents.
  • Riva AssignTo Folders – Quickly and easily archive emails to Oracle CRM On Demand contacts, accounts, opportunities and service requests. Supports multiple attendees.
  • Riva ConnectBar – Riva provides an HTML email summary of opportunities and service requests in Outlook and on your mobile device. Smart links allow you to edit or review these records in the CRM without any manual searching.
  • Advanced Contact Sync Options – Riva can be configured to sync contacts based on ownership, visibility (respects CRM security), or custom organic filters. Bi-directional and uni-directional sync available. Riva can also be configured to sync contacts that are hand-picked by users.
  • Custom field and custom object sync – Riva can be configured to sync custom fields and custom objects in Oracle CRM On Demand.

Visit or call +1 780.423.4200 to learn more. Download a free 15-day trial of Riva here.

About Omni

Omni, The Integration Company, is the developer of Riva, the leading Exchange sync solution for, Oracle CRM On Demand, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV, SugarCRM, NetSuite, Sage SalesLogix, SageCRM, GoldMine and other CRM systems. Riva delivers a reliable, server-side alternative to Outlook plug-ins that are time-consuming to manage. Riva is compatible with all Exchange mail applications and mobile devices, including Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Outlook on Citrix, Outlook for Mac, Entourage, Apple Mail, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices.

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