SugarCRM customer thrilled with Riva

“Seldom, in my over 30 years working in high-technology firms, have I had an opportunity to be so pleasantly surprised as I was with Riva synchronization between Microsoft Exchange and SugarCRM. Thank you Omni!

Riva not only did exactly what it promised to do, it was very easy to get set up and working. Doing what you promise could be easy if you did not promise much, but the functionality of the Riva synchronization, especially the SmartConvert feature, was a very heady promise and Riva came through with everything it said it would – effortlessly!

The only issue I had was me; I mixed up the instructions for the SaaS version of Riva and the On-Site Server version of Riva. Once Omni got me straightened out, the installation went flawlessly and the synchronization functioned beautifully. And Omni’s commitment to the customer went way beyond the call of duty. I ended up finalizing the system New Year’s Day and at 7:30 AM on January 1. I had the Riva people working with me to get the system working!

As someone who has led Sales and Marketing teams, I know the benefit that can be achieved from a CRM but I also know the headache that can be created by a poorly designed system which requires cumbersome data input or maintenance.

In my past roles, I have installed multiple CRMs, some with over $1,000,000 price tags. I know from experience that if the data input and maintenance is complicated, problematic or time-consuming, the system will bog down, data will get out-of-date or corrupted (or both) and the reports from the system will become less and less useful. With Riva, the users have an effortless way to input and maintain data so I can confidently say the system will be used and be useful.

I looked at Outlook Plug-ins for synchronization, but it was not feasible. In my personal case, I have a work PC, a home-office PC, a Laptop and a Blackberry, all of which get used at various times and all of which must stay synchronized. Others have similar needs. A server-level synchronization was required.

Thank you Omni for creating such a wonderful product and supporting it so solidly.”

Richard C.
SugarCRM Customer