Global Radio uses Riva for single sign-on and Salesforce, Outlook and iPad sync

Global Radio, home to the UK’s leading commercial radio brands, implemented Riva Integration Server from Omni to provide server-side Exchange integration for its 400 Salesforce users. Riva seamlessly syncs Salesforce contact and calendar information to Outlook, Outlook Web Access, iPad and BlackBerry mobile devices. Riva’s advanced integration features and single sign-on have improved Salesforce user adoption and satisfaction – at the office and from any other location or device.


Global Radio is the UK’s premier commercial radio company and home to the UK’s leading commercial radio brands. The radio group reaches over 19.7 million listeners each week and covers every genre and geographical area with simplicity and clarity for both the listener and the advertiser. With its headquarters in London’s Leicester Square and Broadcast Centres in 20 locations across the UK, Global Radio boasts the number 1, 2 and 3 commercial radio brands in the UK, with Heart, Capital FM and Classic FM, respectively.

The Challenge

Global Radio uses as their CRM system and Microsoft Exchange 2007 for collaboration. In the past, they used the Salesforce for Outlook plug-in to sync users’ contact, calendar and mail to Salesforce. When Global Radio later equipped their 400 Salesforce users with BlackBerry, iPad and iPhone mobile devices, they came to the point where the Salesforce for Outlook and Salesforce Mobile plug-ins didn’t satisfy their integration requirements. The administration overhead was too time-consuming and the native Outlook plug-in wasn’t compatible with Outlook 2010 64-bit and Outlook Web Access, for example.

“After researching for a server-side sync alternative for Salesforce and Exchange 2010, 2007 and 2003,” said Nick Anderson, Infrastructure Systems Specialist at Global Radio, “the only solution we could find was Riva Integration Server from Omni.”

The Solution

Global Radio installed Riva Integration Server on a Windows 2003 R2 system running on VMware. They started with a 10-user pilot for a few weeks to confirm that Riva would satisfy their sync requirements and to experiment with various Riva sync policy settings. After the successful Riva trial, Global Radio rolled the solution out for their 400 users over a 2-week period.

Riva now delivers transparent, server-to-server synchronization – without any client-side plug-ins or mobile apps – of the following Salesforce items to Global Radio’s Outlook, iPad and BlackBerry users:

  • Salesforce appointments, meetings and phone calls
  • Salesforce tasks
  • Salesforce contacts

Global Radio’s Salesforce users can now add appointments and contacts in Salesforce or the native PIM address book and calendar apps on their mobile devices (iPad or BlackBerry), and they appear automatically in Exchange, and vice versa. The transparent, bi-directional sync means that there’s no additional steps to make the sync happen.

Global Radio’s sales team really likes the Riva Single Sign-on Module, that comes included free of charge with all implementations, and means there is one less password they need to remember to log in and authenticate to Salesforce from their desktop or mobile device. Riva’s contact and calendar sync is used extensively among all Salesforce users.

The Results

Riva enables Global Radio’s sales team to work more efficiently in Salesforce, Outlook and their mobile device – in connected and disconnected modes. The quantity and quality of information that is being entered into Salesforce have improved. Users appreciate the flexibility of being able to work from their preferred application to create, view and manage contact and calendar entries.

Global Radio’s Salesforce administrator found Riva easy to install and configure. It is easy to add new users to an existing sync policy. Riva has delivered a single, server-side sync solution that is compatible with all Exchange clients and ActiveSync mobiledevices. Riva has reduced the time and help desk support costs associated with Salesforce for Outlook and the Salesforce Mobile plug-in.

“We needed an integration solution that would allow our users to add a contact or appointment once – in either Salesforce, Outlook or their iPad or BlackBerry device – and transparently sync this information to all systems,” said Nick Anderson. “Riva is an ideal solution for our needs. Because it syncs Salesforce to our Exchange server, we no longer need to install software plug-ins on each user’s desktop, laptop and mobile device. Omni has been very supportive during our testing and roll-out, and we’ve quickly been able to resolve any issues that we’ve come across.”

“I would recommend Riva to other Salesforce customers who need to support multiple Exchange mail clients and mobile devices and need to go beyond Salesforce for Outlook.”

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