Riva now with server-side Exchange integration for Sage SalesLogix Cloud

Riva Integration Server delivers bi-directional, server-side integration for Microsoft Exchange and Sage SalesLogix On-Premise and Sage SalesLogix Cloud editions. Use Riva to sync SalesLogix to Outlook 2010, Outlook Web Access, Outlook on Citrix, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Entourage for Mac, Mac OS X (Mail, iCal, Address Book) as well as iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android devices. Customers decide whether they would prefer to install Riva On-premise or use Riva Live, the cloud solution for CRM integration.

Edmonton and Greifenberg/Munich, 13 June 2011 – Omni Technology Solution (www.omni-ts.com), the first company to sync multiple CRM systems directly to Microsoft Exchange, today announced integration support for Sage SalesLogix On-Premise and Sage SalesLogix Cloud editions. Riva On-Premise and Cloud editions are available. With Riva On-premise, SalesLogix administrators install Riva once on a Windows server and Exchange integration can be provided for thousands of users. Riva Live delivers CRM integration in the cloud – without needing to install any software. Sage customers implement Riva to avoid having to install or configure Outlook plug-ins or any additional mobile applications or software to sync Sage SalesLogix directly to Microsoft Exchange.

In May 2011 the chair for information and communication management of the Technical University Berlin published a survey regarding the usage of cloud computing. This study, conducted for Sibb e.V., confirms the future potential of the cloud. Two-thirds of corporations interviewed already use cloud services and software as a service (SaaS).

Sage offers its CRM customers the choice to run SalesLogix on-premise or as a cloud solution. Independent of whether organizations deploy Sage SalesLogix On-Premise or SalesLogix Cloud, Riva Integration Server can be implemented to sync SalesLogix seamlessly to Outlook and all leading mobile devices. In fact, Riva is also available in on-premise and cloud editions for CRM synchronization.

“It is clear that cloud services are growing quickly and they provide an ideal solution, particularly, for smaller companies,” says Dr.-Ing. Thomas Fleissner, Omni Germany. “Riva On-premise and Riva Live satisfy both approaches and deliver direct, server-side integration between Sage SalesLogix and Microsoft Exchange. Riva reduces administration costs associated with CRM integration and helps improve CRM user adoption.”

Riva’s advanced, server-side CRM integration serves as an alternative to Outlook plug-ins and Exchange Link for the seamless synchronization of SalesLogix contact, calendar, task, email, sales and support information. SalesLogix users gain any time, anywhere access to their CRM information from Outlook and mobile devices.

In addition to synchronizing CRM data, Riva offers advanced features that significantly improve CRM user adoption and satisfaction, including:

  • Riva SmartConvert Folders – Riva SmartConvert Folders enable users to convert emails into CRM opportunities by simply copying emails into a Create New Opportunity folder.
  • Riva ConnectBar – An email summary of SalesLogix opportunities, cases and quotes can be viewed directly from Outlook and mobile devices. With a single click in Outlook or on mobile devices, users can access these items directly in SalesLogix without any manual searching.
  • Riva AssignTo Folders E-mails can be logged against SalesLogix opportunities, cases or quotes directly from Outlook or mobile devices.
  • E-mail archiving– Riva enables users to archive emails against SalesLogix accounts and contacts by copying emails in Outlook to a Create New Email folder. If accounts and contacts do not already exist in SalesLogix, Riva can be configured to create them automatically based on the emails.

Riva syncs Sage SalesLogix and SageCRM On Demand to all mail applications and mobile devices that can talk to Exchange, including: Outlook 2010 (64-bit and 32-bit), Outlook 2007 and 2003, Outlook Web Access, Outlook on Citrix and Terminal Services, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Entourage 2008 and 2004 for Mac, the native Mac OS X apps in Snow Leopard (Mail, iCal, Address Book), iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, and others.

For more information on Riva, go to www.rivacrmintegration.com or contact Omni at +1.780.423.4200. A free 15-day trial is available here: www.rivacrmintegration.com/integration/downloads/.

About Omni Technology Solutions

Omni, The Integration Company, is the developer of Riva, the world’s first server-side CRM sync solution for Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, Oracle CRM On Demand, Sage SalesLogix, SageCRM, NetSuite, info@hand, GoldMine and other leading CRM systems. Riva overcomes the limitations of traditional Outlook CRM plug-ins that need to be installed, configured and managed on users’ desktops, laptops and mobile devices. www.rivacrmintegration.com

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