Roxtec empowers 60 Sugar users with Riva CRM Integration

Roxtec, a global leader for sealing solutions for cables and pipes, chose Riva to integrate their Sugar CRM system to Microsoft Exchange. The single, server-side installation of Riva now provides seamless CRM synchronization to any desktop and mobile email client and frees Roxtec users to concentrate on their work rather than on copying data into the CRM.


Roxtec develops, manufactures and sells complete sealing solutions for cables and pipes. The company is headquartered in Karlskrona, Sweden, and this is where Roxtec’s research and development labs for their modular-based seals are situated. Roxtec serves customers around the world and has subsidiaries in Brazil, China, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, France, Singapore, Australia, Mexico and the U.S. In addition, a wide network of 70 distributors represent Roxtec in other countries.

The Challenge

Since 2006, Roxtec has relied on Sugar Professional as their worldwide CRM system. More than 240 users use Sugar to sell more effectively and to deliver customer care. In the past, Roxtec used the native Outlook plug-in to sync Sugar contact and calendar information. Given the large number and wide geographic spread of Sugar users at Roxtec, maintenance of the Outlook plug-in, particularly as they upgraded to Windows 7 and needed to re-install the plug-in, became very time-consuming and problematic.

The Solution

Roxtec started to look for a server-side integration solution in order to reduce administration time and efforts but also to provide their users with advanced integration features like automatic synchronization and CRM access from a variety of email applications and mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. After a 2-week trial, and support of their SugarCRM partner Genius4U, they decided for Riva Integration Server.

Even during the worldwide implementation phase, the initial feedback from Roxtec’s Outlook users was very positive:

  • “Brilliant, I can now see my calendar appointments and meetings on my mobile without needing to open Outlook.”
  • “Now I can view my Sugar projects and opportunities within Outlook – even without Internet access.”
  • “When I used to write my on-site visiting reports offline, I always had to remember to later sync them with Sugar. Now, Outlook syncs them automatically when I am online. Awesome!”

Riva has provided seamless CRM integration for 60 sales managers in 18 of Roxtec’s subsidiaries. The integration allows sales teams to collaborate more effectively and to stay focused on their sales work. As for customer communications, sales reps continue to use Outlook for the most part. Riva reduces time spent manually entering data into the CRM, however. Riva’s advanced email archiving features and drag-and-drop, opportunity-creation features in Outlook improve CRM data and reduce double data entry.

The Results

Riva Integration Server satisfies the needs of CRM users who no longer need to think about CRM synchronization from and to their email application. Riva also satisfies administrators by providing a single server-side installation for multiple users. This reduces the time that had been required to install, configure and manage Outlook plug-ins locally on users’ desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

“So far, we have not experienced any technical issues in rolling out Riva,” states Matthias Brück, CRM Specialist at Roxtec. “And we are very pleased with the positive feedback from our Sugar users.”

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