Riva boosts SugarCRM adoption at Barton Willmore

Barton Willmore, the UK’s largest independent planning and design consultancy, relies on Riva to seamlessly sync SugarCRM and Microsoft Exchange for 160 employees. A stable and reliable sync solution was key to get all architects, designers and planners to fully adopt the CRM system. And, from a financial perspective, the investment in SugarCRM provided cost savings of up to 75% compared to other CRM solutions.


Barton Willmore LLP is the UK’s largest independent planning and design consultancy. Company revenues, across its 10 offices, exceed £23m. The company consists of 22 partners and 275 staff members who deliver planning and design services across a wide array of sectors that range from residential to retail, energy to the waste sector.

The Challenge

Barton Willmore implemented SugarCRM in 2011. Five administrators are responsible for providing IT support for 275 architects, designers and planners who use SugarCRM to record client contacts, meetings and email correspondence.

To better integrate SugarCRM into Barton Willmore’s daily workflow, the company tried two third-party Outlook integrations. Both of these Outlook plugins failed to deliver the functionality, stability and affordability the company expected.

The Solution

“We originally became interested in Riva, for syncing SugarCRM to our Exchange system, after discovering it in Google. Riva was subsequently recommended to us by our CRM consultant as the best SugarCRM sync solution on the market,” said Andy Bevan, Head of IT at Barton Willmore.

Riva is now used to sync SugarCRM and Microsoft Exchange for 160 employees at Barton Willmore. Riva has relieved all of the company’s pain points and it provides reliable, server-to-server integration for the company’s CRM and email systems.

Barton Willmore is planning to expand its use of Riva to empower all 275 staff to seamlessly sync SugarCRM and Exchange contacts, calendar events, tasks, email, opportunities and more. Instead of needing to install and manage Outlook plugins on each user’s desktop, laptop and mobile devices, Riva gets installed once on a Windows Server or virtual machine and rule-based sync policies control what gets synced.

“Our experience with Riva has been very good,” said Bevan. “And, when we’ve required support, Riva’s support engineers have been very responsive.”

The Results

Riva currently syncs SugarCRM to Microsoft Exchange for 160 employees across the company’s 10 offices. Specifically, Barton Willmore uses Riva to:

  • Sync SugarCRM appointments and meetings to Outlook
  • Sync SugarCRM accounts and contacts to Outlook
  • Sync emails up to SugarCRM
  • Automate data entry in SugarCRM (using Riva SmartConvert Folders)

Riva helps Barton Willmore’s architects, designers and planners manage their day-to-day interactions with clients in the application of their choice — SugarCRM, Outlook or their mobile device. Team members can work in the familiar Outlook address book and calendar and Riva seamessly syncs new data up to SugarCRM. Riva SmartConvert and AssignTo Folders help save users time and improve SugarCRM user adoption by reducing manual data entry and automating contact, account and opportunity creation.

“Riva has helped improve CRM adoption among our team,” said Bevan. “We highly recommend Riva to other SugarCRM customers.”

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