Sync CRM to Outlook in Citrix and Terminal Services environments

Desktop virtualization allows organizations to centrally deploy applications to users regardless of their location, desktop hardware and operating system. Because there are no applications running locally on the desktop, virtual desktops are less expensive to maintain and upgrade. The challenge, however, from a CRM perspective, is that Outlook plug-ins from most of the major CRM vendors need to be installed at the desktop level and are not compatible with Citrix and Terminal Services environments.

SUNNYVALE, CA – February 2, 2012 – Riva Integration Server, developed by Omni (, delivers CRM integration for Outlook users in Citrix and Terminal Services environments. Because Riva syncs CRM systems directly to Microsoft Exchange, there are no Outlook plug-ins that need to be installed locally on users’ desktops, laptops, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android mobile devices. This means virtual desktop users can use Riva to seamlessly view and manage CRM contacts, leads, calendar activities, tasks, opportunities, support cases, custom fields and custom objects.

Large companies often implement Citrix and Terminal Services to deploy applications more efficiently to remote and mobile users. In addition to offering security benefits, Citrix and Remote Desktop sessions are simpler to manage and update than full desktops, particularly when dealing with users across broad geographic areas with multiple devices. Virtual desktops, however, are problematic when it comes to CRM synchronization, because native Outlook plug-ins must be installed locally on users’ Outlook client and mobile devices.

Riva, on the other hand, gets installed once on a server and enables administrators to centrally manage CRM sync policies for individuals and groups of users. Riva empowers unlimited users and devices, such as virtual terminals, PCs, Macs, laptops, and mobile users on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphones to access and manage CRM data. Riva matches many of the benefits of desktop virtualization.

“Riva bridges the CRM integration gap for Outlook users in Citrix and Terminal Services environments,” said Trevor Poapst, director of global marketing and business development at Omni. “In addition, Riva offers many of the same benefits of desktop virtualization – centralized management, multi-platform support, more control, and the ability to work on older hardware. Our customers really like being able to sync CRM systems directly to Exchange and not have to deal with any Outlook plug-ins on users’ desktops or mobile devices.”

In addition to syncing contact and calendar data, Riva offers advanced features such as email-to-opportunity and email-to-case conversion and email archiving to the CRM that improve user adoption and productivity.

Riva supports, Oracle CRM On Demand, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV, SugarCRM, NetSuite, Sage SalesLogix, SageCRM, FrontRange GoldMine and other CRM systems.

For more information on Riva, go to or contact Omni at +1.780.423.4200. A free 15-day trial is available here:

About Omni Technology Solutions

Omni, The Integration Company, is the developer of Riva, the world’s first server-side CRM sync solution for, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, Oracle CRM On Demand, Sage SalesLogix, SageCRM, NetSuite, FrontRange GoldMine and other leading CRM systems. Riva overcomes the limitations of traditional Outlook CRM plug-ins that need to be installed, configured and managed on users’ desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

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