Customize the way Riva syncs your CRM and email systems

Riva delivers server-side integration for all leading CRM systems, Microsoft Exchange and mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and other tablet PCs. With additional customizations and advanced sync options, Riva can be configured to sync custom fields, custom objects and adapt to custom workflow requirements.

SUNNYVALE, July 19, 2012 – Riva CRM Integration (, the leading Exchange sync solution for CRM systems, now delivers sync support for custom fields, custom objects and other custom sync requirements through customizations and advanced sync options. These advanced settings and customizations can be applied to individual users or groups of users.

Riva is available in two editions – Riva On-Premise and Riva Cloud. Both editions enable sales reps and support staff to seamlessly sync CRM and Exchange contacts, leads, calendar events, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, custom fields, custom objects and more. Because Riva syncs CRM systems directly to Exchange on the back end, all Exchange email clients are automatically supported such as Outlook 2010, Outlook Web Access, Office 365, Outlook on Citrix and Terminal Services, Outlook 2011 for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.

Successful CRM implementations reflect each company’s unique business workflows and processes. This often involves creating custom fields, custom objects or custom workflows in the CRM. And, while it may be simple to make these changes in the CRM, the standard Outlook plugins may not be able to sync this information. Riva, on the other hand, can be customized to sync custom fields and objects in the CRM and Exchange. Whether customers are looking to customize the way Riva syncs core CRM objects (contacts, calendar, tasks), email or custom fields and custom objects, they will appreciate Riva’s extensibility and flexibility.

Following are examples of how Riva can be customized to satisfy your unique sync requirements:

  • Contact sync – By default, Riva syncs contacts and leads based on ownership, visibility or other custom filters. CRM contacts can be synced automatically or require an Exchange category. Riva can sync contacts to the default contact list or create a separate CRM contact list to keep personal and business contacts separate. Uni-directional and bi-directional contact sync options are available. Administrators can specify a maximum number of contacts to sync to avoid slowing down users’ mobile devices. Riva can also be customized to only sync contacts that users specify by clicking a “Sync to Exchange” checkbox in the CRM, not sync contact notes in Outlook, sync contacts based on custom SQL queries and more.
  • Calendar sync – Riva provides a bi-directional sync on CRM and Exchange appointments, meetings, phone calls and tasks. Recurring appointments, private appointments, full-day and multi-day events are all supported. With customization, Riva can be configured to sync custom calendar event types (category mapping, picklist values) and write custom CRM information and attendee details to appointment bodies.
  • Custom fields and objects – Riva can be customized to sync custom fields on contacts, events, opportunities, cases and custom CRM objects.
  • Automatic account and contact creation – Riva can be configured to automatically create new accounts and contacts in CRM systems based on contacts being added to Exchange (via Outlook or mobile devices), event invitees, and email-to-opportunity and email-to-case conversion. If certain fields are required, Riva can be set to pre-populate certain fields and send you an email reminder to update automatically created accounts and contacts.
  • Advanced sync scheduling – Riva syncs data on scheduled intervals that range anywhere from a minute to several hours. With the latest release of Riva, administrators can set different sync times for each CRM module and during peak and non-peak times. This can help with API usage and ensure that critical information gets updated more frequently.

“Every company uses its CRM system differently, said Dr.-Ing. Thomas Fleissner, Riva Europe. “With customizations and Riva’s advanced sync options, Riva can be configured to better match users’ needs. The synchronization of information between CRM systems, email clients and mobile devices can be mapped precisely to companies’ business processes and sync requirements.”

Riva syncs CRM systems to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, 2007 and 2003. On-Premise, hosted and Office 365 editions are supported. Riva delivers Exchange integration for all leading CRM systems, including:, Oracle CRM On Demand, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV, NetSuite, SugarCRM, Sage SalesLogix, SageCRM, FrontRange GoldMine and others.

For more information on Riva, go to or contact Riva at 408.675.5015. A free 15-day trial is available for Riva On-Premise and Riva Cloud.

About Riva CRM Integration

Riva delivers reliable, server-to-server integration for Microsoft Exchange and all the leading CRM systems. Riva supports, Oracle CRM On Demand, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV, NetSuite, SugarCRM, SalesLogix, SageCRM, GoldMine and others. Join the thousands of CRM users – from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies – who sell more, sync more and save more time with Riva.

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