Need to sync Saleslogix 8 to Outlook?

We can do better. Riva now syncs Saleslogix 8 to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Hosted Exchange.

Sage launched Saleslogix v8.0 earlier this week on Tuesday.

Saleslogix v8.0 features a new modern look and feel with scrolling grids in tabs to simplify navigation, improved list management with filters to display only what you need, bulk data handling, and an expanded search.

Saleslogix calendar improvements

Saleslogix v8.0 allows multiple user calendars to be viewed side by side. This helps sales and support teams schedule resources more easily and to find meeting availability. Field sales reps will like Saleslogix Mobile’s improvements in terms of new smart layouts (for larger screens and tablets), activity indicators in month view, and a faster search.

Saleslogix Cloud faster

Sage implemented new server configurations that have resulted in a significant performance boost for its Sage Saleslogix Cloud customers. And Sage has improved business continuity measures by backing up Saleslogix Cloud data every 15 minutes. Learn more about Sage Saleslogix v8.0.

Exchange integration for Saleslogix v8.0

With Riva, Saleslogix v8.0 customers can seamlessly sync contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, and more with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Hosted Exchange systems.

Riva saves Saleslogix administrators time from not having to install or configure Outlook integrations or separate mobile applications. Plus, Riva delivers the most reliable way to keep Saleslogix and Exchange email systems in sync. Riva supports all Exchange email clients, smartphones and tablets, including Outlook 2010, Outlook Web Access, Outlook on Citrix, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Apple Mail, iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phones.

More information

Contact Riva CRM Integration or your Saleslogix partner for more information on Exchange integration for Saleslogix v8.0 and Saleslogix Cloud.