Riva increases sales efficiency at Irish Welcome Tours

Irish Welcome Tours, one of Ireland’s leading Destination Management Companies and an Incoming Tour Operator, picked Riva to integrate GoldMine and Microsoft Exchange. Key to the project’s success was Riva’s ability to seamlessly and transparently sync GoldMine calendars to the native calendar apps on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones and tablet PCs. The company’s sales team can now access all their appointments whether their mobile devices are online or offline.


Irish Welcome Tours is one of Ireland’s leading Destination Management Companies and an Incoming Tour Operator for groups, fully independent travellers (FITs), conferences, incentives, and events. Successfully operating since 1989 and now in its 21st year of creating experiences, the company has gained an excellent reputation in the Irish Tourism Industry. The team of 35 multilingual employees consults international customers from Europe and the U.S. Six sales executives travel to visit existing clients on a regular basis. These clients include some of the top travel agencies in the world that help promote the company’s creative travel experiences.

The Challenge

During the past 10 years, Irish Welcome Tours has used GoldMine as their CRM system. GoldMine has satisfied all of the team’s requirements while they’re working in the office and have access to their computers. The challenge was being able to sync GoldMine calendar appointments and meetings to the calendar application on iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices while sales reps travelled to visit customers. Irish Welcome Tours needed a solution that would seamlessly sync GoldMine to sales reps’ mobile devices and would keep them informed of new appointments and meetings while on the road.

The Solution

Monread CRM, Irish Welcome Tours’ GoldMine consultant, recommended Riva to solve the their GoldMine sync challenges. Riva syncs GoldMine directly to the company’s Microsoft Exchange Server. This means that Riva syncs GoldMine contacts, calendar, tasks, and more to all Exchange email applications and mobile devices. There are no additional Outlook plugins or separate GoldMine mobile apps that need to be installed or configured.

“While our sales reps travel to visit tour operators and travel agencies around the globe,” said John Waldron, managing director and founding director of Irish Welcome Tours, “they now have a complete view of all of their scheduled meetings no matter whether they are logged into Outlook or checking calendar updates on their iPhone or iPad.”

Riva provides reliable, bi-directional synchronization of contacts, calendar events, and tasks between GoldMine and Microsoft Exchange. Riva seamlessly syncs meetings, appointments, phone calls, tasks, full-day and multi-day events, and private appointments. Recurring appointments are supported. Riva can be configured to sync all new calendar appointments automatically or to allow sales reps to selectively choose which calendar activities get synced to GoldMine by assigning an Exchange category to them. Riva provides the ultimate flexibility in GoldMine calendar integration, including options to enable or disable reminder synchronization and to sync special meeting types with minor customizations to Riva.

The Results

Sales reps at Irish Welcome Tours now have full access to their GoldMine calendar activities in Outlook and on users’ iPad and iPhone mobile devices. The company is now looking at using Riva’s email archiving features and sync support for custom fields in GoldMine to drive increase sales efficiencies.

From a single Riva On-Premise installation, Irish Welcome Tours can view and manage GoldMine calendar events, tasks, and contacts from all Exchange email clients, including:

  • Outlook 2010
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Outlook on Citrix and Terminal Services
  • Outlook 2011 for Mac
  • Entourage 2008 and 2004 for Mac
  • Apple Mail, iCal, Address Book

“Riva has really helped optimize our sales operations,” said Waldron. “Our sales executives can now work much more efficiently while travelling abroad. Riva has relieved stress by ensuring that their GoldMine calendar is kept in sync with their Outlook and iPad and iPhone calendar applications.”

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