National equipment rental company chooses Riva to sync 1130 Dynamics CRM and Exchange users

Riva syncs over 10,000 Microsoft Dynamics CRM data updates daily for 1130 Exchange users. All server-side, no Outlook plug-ins to install or manage. Customer was able to use Riva to sync Microsoft Dynamics CRM to 2400 iPad and iPhone devices overnight.


One of the largest equipment rental companies in the U.S. selected Riva as its CRM data integration solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Exchange. The company has offices in over 30 states and the District of Columbia. The company rents a broad range of general construction and industrial equipment.

The Challenge

In 2006, the company deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM for its national sales team. Two years later, the company began using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook (Outlook client) for 700 users.

There were a number of challenges and limitations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook that caused the company to look for a more reliable sync alternative. They found the standard Outlook integration was time-consuming and challenging to administer. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook needed to be installed and configured on each user’s desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Multiply that times 1130 users, along with associated support calls, training requirements, and updates after server and OS upgrades, and it definitely added up.

The company also needed to contend with multiple email applications and mobile devices. For example, some of the Dynamics CRM users needed to sync to Outlook 2010 for Windows, others to Outlook 2011 for Mac. Plus, the company had purchased 2400 iPhone and iPad mobile devices and wanted to enable sales reps to sync Dynamics CRM to the iPad and iPhone address book, calendar, and mail applications.

The company also faced the challenge of how to deal with a large number of contacts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. (In this case, the company has a few hundred thousand contact records in Dynamics CRM.) Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook didn’t provide the flexibility required to establish rules that limited or filtered contacts based on certain criteria. Nor did it allow the company to sync custom fields between Microsoft Dynamics and Exchange.

The Solution

The company implemented Riva in 2010 and Riva has delivered reliable, back-end integration for the company’s national sales team since then.

The Dynamics CRM administrator really likes being able to control the synchronization on the back end – from a single application.  Outlook plugins and separate mobile apps no longer need to be installed or managed on each of the user’s multiple computers and multiple mobile devices. She simply creates and configures a sync policy, assigns it to a group of users, and enables the policy. Riva then seamlessly and automatically syncs Microsoft Dynamics CRM data to the users’ Exchange accounts.

Because Riva provides cross-platform email integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, all sales reps are able to take advantage of Riva’s transparent sync service regardless of whether they are using Windows Outlook, Outlook for Mac, an iOS device (Apple iPad or iPhone), or other smartphones or tablet. This has significantly reduced deployment time, support time, down time and time spent training users.  Riva was able to be rolled out quickly during the initial pilot and subsequent phases of the project.

Riva is used to sync contacts, calendar activities, tasks, email, and some custom fields between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Exchange. Plus, the company has the flexibility to sync Dynamics CRM opportunities, cases, and custom objects later on if they want to. Riva was able to satisfy the company’s immediate sync requirements and provides the flexibility and scalability to satisfy their future needs as well.

The company has found Riva’s built-in sync support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and users’ iPad and iPhone devices to be outstanding. Sales reps increasingly expect to be able to have mobile CRM integration. In this case, sales reps use their mobile devices to write up equipment reservations and quotes for the company’s main POS system directly from their iPad or iPhone.

When the company upgraded from 800 to 1130 users, no configuration changes were required. Their Riva server didn’t skip a beat. All the Riva administrator had to do was add the additional users to the sync policy.  As the Dynamics CRM administrator put it, “the server just keeps humming along.” Riva is configured to sync Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Exchange once every 10 minutes during peak times, and once every hour during non-peak times.

The Results

Riva delivers many benefits to this national equipment rental company:

  • Riva delivers reliable, 24 x 7 integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Exchange;
  • Riva has made the Dynamics CRM administrator’s and support team’s lives a lot easier (no Outlook plugins to install or manage);
  • Riva enabled the company to sync Microsoft Dynamics CRM to 2400 iPad and iPhone devices overnight;
  • Riva syncs a massive volume of CRM data each day (approximately 10,000 changes and records per day); and,
  • Riva allows the company’s sales reps to work more efficiently and to deliver better customer service.

If you’d like to learn how to sync Microsoft Dynamics CRM directly to your Exchange server, we’d be happy to speak with you.

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