New Riva screenshots: Outlook, OWA, Mac, IBM Notes, GroupWise, iPad, iPhone, Android…

A picture is worth a thousand words. And so it is with our new Riva CRM Integration screenshots for Outlook, Outlook Web App, Outlook for Mac, Mac OS X, Entourage, IBM Notes, Novell GroupWise, iPad, iPhone, and others. Yes, we have been busy!

Riva, the leader in CRM integration, delivers reliable, server-to-server integration for a dozen of the world’s best CRM systems and four corporate email platforms – Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, IBM Notes, and Novell GroupWise. (Gmail support is coming soon in 2014.)

Riva – Sync your CRM to all email clients and mobile devices

One of the key benefits of using Riva Cloud or Riva On-Premise to sync your CRM directly to your email server is that CRM data is available across all email clients and mobile devices. The alternative is to use client-side Outlook or IBM Notes plug-ins that need to be installed, configured, and managed on user’s desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

New Riva screenshots:

Looking for deep CRM integration and interoperability?

We launched Riva in 2008. That means customers benefit from over 5 years of our CRM integration expertise and experience – and over 15 years of our email collaboration expertise for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, IBM Notes, and Novell GroupWise.

Contact us to discuss your CRM integration requirements and to explore all the ways we can sync the CRM record types below (some features vary by CRM):

  • Sync CRM contacts (advanced filtering options)
  • Sync CRM contact notes
  • Sync person accounts
  • Sync CRM leads
  • Sync CRM appointments
  • Sync CRM private appointments
  • Sync CRM meetings (with multiple attendees)
  • Sync CRM recurring events
  • Sync CRM meeting reminders
  • Sync CRM tasks
  • Log emails to CRM accounts and contacts
  • Log emails to CRM opportunities and cases
  • Log emails to CRM custom objects
  • Sync CRM opportunities
  • Sync CRM cases
  • Sync CRM projects
  • Sync CRM quotes
  • Sync CRM contracts
  • Sync CRM custom fields
  • Sync CRM custom objects
  • Sync CRM custom categories
  • And more…

Plus, Riva Cloud Premium and Riva On-Premise customers benefit from these advanced CRM integration features that drive sales and help improve CRM adoption:

  • Riva SmartConvert: Create new CRM opportunities and cases from emails. Riva can be configured to automatically create accounts and contacts if they don’t already exist in the CRM. Riva matches the account on the website URL and contacts on email addresses.
  • Riva AssignTo: Assign emails to opportunities, cases, and even custom objects (if we’ve customized Riva to sync custom CRM objects). This is very helpful if your team wants to see the full customer conversation at the opportunity and case level rather than at the account and contact level in your CRM.
  • Riva ConnectBar: Quickly link from CRM opportunities and cases in email clients or from mobile devices using the “Edit” and “View” smart links in the Riva ConnectBar. Riva ConnectBar provides a seamless experience for moving from CRM data in email clients and mobile devices to the actual CRM.

Supported CRM systems

Riva is the world’s best CRM integration platform. We have developed connectors for over a dozen leading CRM systems, including:  Salesforce (including the Partner Portal edition), Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle CRM On Demand, NetSuite, SugarCRM (all versions), Saleslogix, Sage CRM, GoldMine, 1CRM, Intelecrm, and others. Customers can choose from Riva Cloud (multi-tenant or single-tenant) and Riva On-Premise.

Contact us

Contact us to discuss your CRM integration requirements. Also, be sure to check out our growing list of Riva demo videos on YouTube.

Riva – The Leader in CRM Integration