Riva keeps UK Medical’s Salesforce users in sync

UK Medical, a leading supplier of medical products in the UK, implemented Salesforce and Riva at the same time. Salesforce delivers the best cloud CRM platform for their sales reps’ needs. Riva provides the most advanced Exchange sync solution for Salesforce. The combination of Salesforce and Riva keeps UK Medical’s sales teams one step ahead – and always in sync.


For over 20 years, UK Medical has supplied medical products to the NHS and the private medical sector in the UK. UK Medical works with many leading medical suppliers around the world – CareFusion, Bioteq, Cooper Surgical, Ella and Minvasys – and the company has a reputation for innovation.

The Challenge

When UK Medical first rolled out Salesforce in 2010, the company mandated that Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange 2010 calendars must be kept in sync. This would enable sales area managers and line managers to view and create meetings and appointments in Outlook or on their mobile devices – without needing Outlook to be open and running.

The challenge with Salesforce for Outlook and other Outlook integrations for Salesforce is that they stop syncing when Outlook is closed. Separate mobile applications need to be purchased and managed for iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and windows users. This adds cost, complexity and administrative burden to organizations with multiple sales offices like UK Medical.

The Solution

Riva solved UK Medical’s sync challenges by syncing Salesforce directly to Microsoft Exchange. Exchange integration eliminates the need to install and manage Outlook plugins and separate mobile applications. Riva always runs in the background and keeps calendars and contacts in sync, regardless of whether Outlook is open. In addition, Riva introduces advanced sync features, such as email-to-opportunity, email-to-case and advanced email tracking options, that drive CRM adoption and increase customer satisfaction.

“With Riva, line managers can book salespeople in for appointments in Salesforce. The salespeople then see the appointment on their mobile device or laptop in the field, not the next time they open Outlook,” said David Rudd, ICT Systems Development Manager at UK Medical. “Because Riva syncs Salesforce directly to our Microsoft Exchange 2010 server, Riva eliminates any delays and prevents double data entry.”

Riva syncs Salesforce to all Exchange email applications and mobile devices. Plus, there are no additional Outlook plugins or separate mobile apps that need to be installed, configured or managed. This provides flexibility for teams to use Outlook 2010, Outlook Web Access, Office 365, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Outlook on Citrix or even Apple Mail – and still be able to sync their Salesforce contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, custom fields and more. Likewise, Riva delivers “built-in” sync support for all leading smartphones and PC tablets such as iPad, iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices, because these devices are connected to Exchange.

The Results

UK Medical uses Riva in their environment to:

  • Sync Salesforce and Outlook calendars (events, meetings, calls)
  • Sync Salesforce and Outlook contacts
  • Sync Salesforce and Outlook tasks
  • Sync Salesforce opportunities to Outlook
  • Sync sent and received email to Salesforce
  • Automate account and contact creation in Salesforce using Riva SmartConvert Folders

“Riva delivers the best way to sync Salesforce directly to Microsoft Exchange 2010,” said Rudd. “Outlook doesn’t need to be running for synchronization to occur. This means that managers can schedule a field sales rep in for appointments in Salesforce, and the appointment will automatically appear in the field sales rep’s smartphone calendar. This allows field staff to be more flexible and connected to what is going on minute to minute. The Riva team is knowledgeable and friendly. They’ll do whatever you need to achieve your company’s goals.”

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