Riva Cloud seamlessly connects Citation’s Terminal Services environment with Salesforce

Citation, an industry-leading expert in the UK, provides professional advice and compliance services to more than 7,500 businesses in the areas of employment law and health and safety regulations. Citation uses Riva Cloud to sync their Salesforce data with Exchange 2010 in a Terminal Services environment.


Since 1995, Citation has provided professional advice and compliance packages to business clients in the UK. Independently endorsed at the highest levels, Citation’s market-leading services provide guaranteed protection in the high-risk areas of employment law and health and safety regulations. One of the keys to Citation’s success has been Salesforce.com. Salesforce helps Citation’s sales consultants to schedule meetings online quickly and easily.

The Challenge

The challenge that Citation faced, however, was that Salesforce for Outlook does not support Terminal Services environments.

When the company’s telemarketing team initiated pre-sales discussions and arranged on-site appointments for sales consultants to meet new prospects, there was no way for the team to schedule Salesforce appointments for reps and have these appointments seamlessly sync to Outlook for Terminal Services and to users’ mobile devices.

The ability to easily schedule appointments in Salesforce and provide mobile access to this Salesforce information in online and offline modes are critical to Citation’s sales organization.

The Solution

Citation discovered Riva Cloud and they contacted us to schedule a free trial. Riva Cloud’s free 15-day trial enables customers to test Riva’s features and ensure that they will satisfy customers’ sync requirements.

Riva Cloud solved all of Citation’s synchronization problems. Citation uses Riva Cloud to connect Salesforce directly with the company’s hosted Exchange 2010 and Terminal Services environment. Riva provides full, bi-directional integration of users’ calendars in Salesforce and Exchange, without the need to install, configure, or manage any client-side Outlook plug-ins or separate mobile applications.

Riva uses an impersonation method to allow a single administrator account to impersonate and synchronize users’ accounts as if they were accessing the system. This allows Citation administrators to centrally manage CRM integration for all its sales consultants without needing to get end-users involved in setting up and configuring Outlook plug-ins. Plus, Citation can implement password-change policies for end-users without interrupting Riva’s connection to their accounts.

Citation now benefits from reliable, cloud-to-cloud synchronization for many users with a single installation of Riva. Riva synchronizes sales consultants’ appointments, tasks, contacts, and Salesforce opportunities.

The Results

Sales consultants are able to update their Salesforce and Exchange calendars at any time and on any device, and Riva will keep everything in sync. Citation’s pre-sales team can schedule appointments for remote sales staff and appointments will automatically be synchronized to their mobile devices, without needing to have Outlook open on their laptops.

Users really appreciate the flexibility of being able to work from their preferred application and device to create, view, and manage contact and calendar entries. In effect, Riva Cloud delivers a single, server-side sync solution that is compatible with all Exchange and Office 365 email systems and delivers native mobile CRM integration for all Exchange ActiveSync mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.

From an administration perspective, Riva Cloud was very easy to set up and configure. And besides checking the log files from time to time, there is very little ongoing maintenance or administrator oversight required for Riva Cloud to work. Riva Cloud does not store any data besides recording a log that data has been synced successfully. And Riva Cloud allows administrators to fine-tune what gets synced and which Exchange accounts are enabled.

“Riva’s support team, headquartered in Canada, provided excellent support throughout the Riva Cloud set-up and configuration process,” said Chris Halthof, Infrastructure Manager at Citation. “Besides working through an OAuth authentication issue during the initial implementation, everything else has been very straightforward. Riva Cloud works very well and I would recommend it to other Salesforce customers.”

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