Master chocolatier, Leonidas, relies on Riva to integrate Salesforce with IBM Notes

Belgium pralines manufacturer, Leonidas, was looking for a solution to sync Salesforce with IBM Notes Traveler on their sales teams’ iPads. Riva CRM Integration now adds value to Leonidas by improving collaboration between their CRM and email systems, increasing CRM user adoption, and speeding up their sales processes.


The well-known Leonidas Belgium chocolate brand has a long history. Leonidas Kestekides was a confectioner based in the United States who rose to fame in 1910 when he participated as a member of the United States Greek delegation in the Universal Exhibition held in Brussels, Belgium. In 1913 he returned to Belgium, fell in love, married and founded his first tea room. Today, Leonidas has more than 1,300 stores across 40 countries and 5 continents and is an official supplier to the Belgium Court.

The Challenge

Leonidas implemented Salesforce in January 2014 to more effectively manage the company’s customer relationships. They quickly realized that integration between their new CRM and their existing email and collaboration system, IBM Lotus Notes, was needed to allow them to synchronize tasks, events, and later emails between their Domino server and Salesforce CRM system.

The company’s District Managers spent much of their time traveling to visit the Leonidas stores. During these visits, they needed access to integrated CRM and email systems that were both intuitive and user-friendly. The in-store sales teams, who used iPads with IBM Notes Traveler, also needed access to these same systems. Since client-side plug-ins do not support IBM Notes Traveler, this made the integration of Salesforce and IBM Notes impossible. Assigning tasks, planning meetings, and follow-ups to customer requests meant double data entry, many clicks, and lots of time wasted on administrative tasks.

So they started to look for a solution to unite the worlds of CRM and email, and allow more effective sales and customer care. They experimented with the free Salesforce client-side plug-in tool to synchronize Salesforce and IBM Notes. However, this tool needed to be installed, configured and maintained on every user’s desktop, laptop, and mobile device. They knew identifying an integration tool that would allow them to synchronize server-side, without having to touch each user’s desktop, laptop and mobile device was the answer.

The Solution

Absi, a leading Salesforce partner and system integrator based in Belgium, recommended Riva CRM Integration to Leonidas and stopped Leonidas’ struggle with IBM Notes plug-ins.

Riva CRM Integration delivers direct, server-side synchronization between Salesforce and IBM Notes and Domino. Riva syncs Leonidas’ Salesforce directly to IBM Notes and Domino on the back end. There are no IBM Notes plug-ins to install, configure, or manage on the users’ desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. Riva integrates Salesforce with all IBM Domino clients, including IBM Verse, IBM Notes 9 and 8, IBM iNotes, IBM Notes for Mac, IBM Notes for Citrix, IBM SmartCloud, and all IBM Notes Traveler mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Surface tablets).

Riva syncs CRM contacts, calendars, to-do’s, e-mail, opportunities, cases, custom fields, and custom objects. In addition, Riva supports recurring events, email attachments, appointments with multiple invitees, and other advanced CRM sync requirements.

Leonidas District Managers and in-store sales teams now use Riva to:

  • Sync Salesforce calendar events with IBM Notes (CRM appointments, meetings, phone calls)
  • Sync emails and attachments to Salesforce (automatically or manually)
  • Sync Salesforce tasks

The Results

With a single installation of Riva, the District Managers and sales teams are now seamlessly working with customers and their back office. Whether they are on the road using their mobile devices or in the office working on their desktops and laptops, IBM Notes users’ data is always up-to-date. The sales teams are now able to use their iPads to assign tasks, send emails and track emails to Salesforce, and plan meetings. Without any action or clicking, all data gets synchronized with Salesforce – and the CRM data is available online and offline on the sales teams’ iPad devices. The back office teams at Leonidas’ headquarters have all information at their fingertips and can directly follow-up with customers.

“Riva’s server-side, unattended, synchronization between Salesforce and IBM Domino adds a lot of value to the Salesforce solution,” said Nikolas Diamantis, ICT Manager at Leonidas. “Cooperation and collaboration between the teams really improved and drove user adoption of Salesforce. We now have better and more data collected in Salesforce – with less time spent for data entry.”

“Riva empowers more effective sales, optimized internal processes, and improved customer management,” states Laurent Colin, Business Consultant at Absi.

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