Riva Cloud seamlessly connects Salesforce CRM to Office 365 for PAC’s Mac users

Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) is a privately-held research and consulting firm headquartered in Paris, France, that specializes in the software and ICT services industry. PAC has a strong European background and the company possesses in-depth knowledge about local ICT markets and trends in 30+ countries around the globe. PAC relies on Riva Cloud to sync Salesforce CRM data to Office 365 for the company’s global Mac user base.


Since 1976, PAC has helped ICT vendors optimize their success by providing quantitative and qualitative market analysis and strategic consulting services. PAC advises CIOs and financial investors on ICT vendors and software solutions and PAC provides industry insights to support investment decisions. Large publicly-traded companies also rely on PAC’s industry analyses to develop and shape ICT policies.

With a growing network of 120 industry analysts and consultants around the globe, PAC and its global partners ensure a local presence in major IT markets. Salesforce CRM has played a vital role in PAC’s daily operations and communications since 2008. PAC stores all of its research and analysis in Salesforce CRM.

PAC uses Riva Cloud to sync Salesforce CRM data to Office 365. This allows PAC’s consultants to access their Salesforce data in Outlook for Mac and on their iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

The Challenge

When PAC switched their email system from Gmail to Office 365, the company needed to look for a new synchronization solution. If PAC’s consultants were Windows Outlook users, they would have considered using Salesforce for Outlook; but, given the fact, that everyone uses a Mac, PAC needed a reliable way to sync Salesforce to Outlook for Mac. Prior to moving to Office 365, PAC used Appirio to sync Salesforce contacts and calendar events to Gmail.

So, the search for a new Salesforce and Office 365 integration solution began.

The Solution

PAC discovered that Riva Cloud offers cloud integration for Salesforce and Office 365. Riva Cloud supports all Office 365 email clients and mobile devices, including Outlook for Mac, Apple Mail, Outlook for Windows, Office 365 webmail (Outlook Web App), iPad, iPhone, Android, and other smartphones and tablets.

The company registered for a free Riva Cloud trial and started evaluating whether Riva would satisfy their Salesforce and Office 365 synchronization requirements. All test scenarios were successful and PAC decided to subscribe to Riva Cloud.

Riva Cloud syncs Salesforce contacts, calendars, tasks, and other data directly to Office 365 on the back end. That means there are no plug-ins, add-ons, or separate mobile apps that need to be installed, configured, or managed locally on users’ Mac laptops, desktops, or mobile devices. Riva can be configured to sync address book, calendar, sales and support data – including custom fields and custom objects in Salesforce – to Office 365, Exchange, IBM Notes, and GroupWise. By providing integration for a dozen of the best CRMs and four enterprise email platforms, Riva delivers an “upgrade-safe” integration option that will continue to deliver value after CRM, email system, and desktop OS updates.

PAC now benefits from reliable, cloud-to-cloud synchronization for Salesforce and Office 365 for the company’s growing Mac user base without any software to install or manage. The Riva Cloud administrator defines what Salesforce CRM data gets synced, which Office 365 user accounts to sync, and whether integration is one-way or two-way using Riva Cloud’s sync settings. Three Riva Cloud editions are available – Riva Cloud Lite, Standard, and Premium. This provides pricing flexibility and companies only pay for what they need.

The Results

PAC took advantage of Riva’s Get Started Bundle to help with configuring the sync requirements. With the assistance of a Riva Cloud specialist, set-up was quick and straightforward.

PAC administrators in Munich and Budapest now use Riva to sync Salesforce and Office 365 for its global user base via Riva Cloud’s online administration interface. Once the company configured its Riva Cloud sync policy, there is very little ongoing administration required for the system to work. Riva Cloud just runs in the background on regular sync intervals and keeps Salesforce and Office 365 in sync. Riva Cloud does not store any customer data; it only records a log that data has been synced successfully.

Because Riva Cloud syncs Salesforce data to Outlook for Mac via Office 365 – without needing to install any plug-ins – there is little to no end-user training required, Outlook performance is not impacted, and there is a high user acceptance and satisfaction rate.

Riva Cloud is configured to sync data bi-directionally and automatically between Salesforce and Office 365 at PAC. It enables consultants to access their Salesforce data at any time, at any place, from any application. Data synced to mobile devices is available in online and offline/airplane modes. Likewise, Outlook does not need to be running in order for Salesforce data to sync and be available from all email applications and mobile devices.

One of the Riva Cloud features that PAC consultants like best is the ability to track emails and have Riva automatically create associated contacts and accounts in Salesforce if they do not already exist. Riva matches contacts based on the email address and accounts based on the email domain. Riva also pioneered other advanced integration features such as Riva SmartConvert that delivers email-to-opportunity and email-to-case functionality and Riva AssignTo for tracking emails against Salesforce opportunities and cases from Outlook, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Tanja Hartung, Management Assistant and one of the Riva Cloud administrators at PAC, shared this feedback on the Salesforce AppExchange: “A few months ago we installed Riva Cloud. The set-up with the support was simple and easy to understand. The synchronization between our two systems is going well. The Riva feature for creating new contacts automatically is very useful and saves us time. The Riva Cloud website is easy to use and you can see a log of all CRM data that gets synced for your company.”

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