Third largest reinsurance company in the world uses Riva to securely sync Infor CRM with Microsoft Exchange

Hannover Re, with a gross premium of approximately EUR 14 billion, is the third largest reinsurer in the world. It transacts all lines of non-life and life and health reinsurance and is present on all continents with around 2,400 staff. Riva provides flexibility while ensuring security for Hannover Re’s sales agents who sync their Infor CRM (formerly SalesLogix) data with Microsoft Exchange.


The international reinsurance sector dates back to the fourteenth century and has since developed into a highly specialized financial service. Reinsurance is “insurance for insurance companies”; in other words, a “second level of insurance.”

Founded in 1966 Hannover Re looks back to tremendous growth and acts among the key global players in reinsurance today. The rating agencies most relevant to the insurance industry have awarded Hannover Re very strong insurer financial strength ratings (Standard & Poor’s AA- “Very Strong” and A.M. Best A+ “Superior”).

With 2400 employees around the globe and a gross premium of around EUR 14 billion, fast data processing and management with the greatest possible level of security is mandatory. This high level of security also applies to Hannover Re’s sales operations where sales agents (underwriters) negotiate and close reinsurance contracts.

To effectively manage all customer communications, Hannover Re’s sales agents use Infor CRM as their central customer relationship management system. Sales agents also store some contact details, calendar activites, and email in Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. Hannover Re uses Riva to securely and reliably sync Infor CRM with Microsoft Exchange.

The Challenge

In 2013 Hannover Re rolled out Infor CRM to their global sales team. Global Concepts, an Infor CRM consulting expert located in Neumarkt, Germany, helped with all aspects of the Infor CRM implementation project – from testing to implementation.

A common challenge to all CRM projects is how to integrate data that resides in a company’s CRM and email systems. If the two systems are not integrated, this can lead to CRM adoption challenges. And, if the Exchange or Outlook integration isn’t reliable or is difficult to manage, then this can also lead to CRM issues and user dissatisfaction.

At Hannover Re, sales agents communicate with prospects via email and they store contact information, appointments, and tasks in their local Outlook address book, calendar, and task list. In the reinsurance market, sales involve long-term relationships. As such, sales agents would traditionally store a fair bit of customer information in Outlook.

After Hannover Re implemented Infor CRM, sales agents began entering customer data directly into the CRM. But the company still needed a way to reliably integrate the CRM data with Outlook (and preferably with Exchange). Hannover Re started to look for a CRM and email integration solution that would solve their Infor CRM synchronization issues while still meeting the very high security and compliance regulations in the reinsurance industry.

The Solution

The CRM consultants at Global Concepts recommended Riva to seamlessly and bi-directionally synchronize Infor CRM with Microsoft Exchange.

Riva syncs contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, custom fields, and custom objects between Infor CRM and Exchange via secure HTTP and SSL-encrypted connections. (Riva does not use any OpenSSL libraries.) Plus, Riva can be used to automatically or manually track emails against Infor CRM accounts and contacts. Sales agents can also use Riva to convert emails into Infor CRM opportunities, cases, and custom objects.

Because Riva provides direct, server-side synchronization for Infor CRM and Exchange, Hannover Re’s sales agents can access their CRM data from all Exchange email clients and mobile devices, including Outlook 2013 (and all older Outlook editions), Outlook Web App (webmail client), Outlook for Mac, and other email applications. From a mobile perspective, Riva provides online and offline access to Infor CRM CRM data on all Exchange ActiveSync mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets.

Global Concepts recommended Riva because of Riva’s reliability and compliance with Hannover Re’s strict security requirements. Riva gets installed once behind the corporate firewall and it eliminates the need to manage any client-side Outlook plug-ins on users’ desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Companies also appreciate the fact that Riva works seamlessly with third-party mobile security and encryption solutions such as Good Technology, CipherCloud, and MobileIron to provide even more advanced security options for mobile CRM users.

The Results

Hannover Re’s underwriter now seamlessly work with Infor CRM , Outlook, and their mobile devices. All their contacts, on-site customer visits, and tasks get synced between Infor CRM and Exchange.

Sales agents have all the customer information they need at their fingertips when and where they need it. Historic information is also granted on mobile devices.

In addition Riva has been customized to meet Hannover Re’s Infor CRM custom integration requirements to reflect information flow and processes within the sales organization. For example, Riva delivers a custom contact filter that automatically syncs contacts to users’ Exchange address books based on the the users’ department. With custom category mapping, department fields on contact records will be mapped to a category in the email client.

“Although Riva is invisible for our end-users, it has become a key factor in effective and secure CRM usage,” says Dennis Schurbaum, Senior In-house Consultant and Project Manager for the Infor CRM implementation at Hannover Re. “Riva’s bi-directional and seamless synchronization of Infor CRM and Exchange information has empowered sales agents to work more effectively with Infor CRM.”

“The Riva set-up and configuration was very smooth. We worked with the Riva team to create our connections, set up our sync policies, license which users would be synchronized, and to implement the customizations,” continued Mr. Schurbaum.

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