Create a CRM opportunity, account, and contact from any smartphone – in just three taps!

By Peter Charnock, General Manager – Asia Pacific, Riva CRM Integration

presentationI was recently invited to present to a sales team, as a component of their CRM training. What was scheduled to be a 20 minute session within a packed three-day program became a 90 minute interlude, as the enthusiasm and questions from the sales team evolved. This didn’t come as much of a surprise to me since I’ve lived this journey a number of times before when implementing CRM within my own selling teams.

What struck me on this occasion was the sheer amazement and enthusiasm this team (whom I had never previously met) had for the technology I was demonstrating.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised? After all, the ability to create an account, contact, and opportunity, and archive an email in CRM – all from the email application on my smartphone in just three taps – is an enormous productivity gain.

One team member exclaimed in the first minute of my presentation “How can you do that? That’s impossible!”. Her disbelief was palpable. Until one of her colleagues performed the same task from his email application, on his laptop. Then showed her the resulting account, contact, and opportunity in CRM.

Over the following weeks, what has become obvious with this team is the power of and enthusiasm for their CRM deployment – created by this positive experience. Tasks that previously consumed three or more days each month have been reduced to 5-10 minutes per month. CRM for this team had become an empowering tool!

The technology I am talking of is, of course, Riva CRM Integration. Showing it to selling teams has become an adventure and a mission. I love how I’m now able to spark enthusiasm for CRM implementations and free selling teams from the mundane chore of data entry – all the while improving management visibility and organizational data governance.

In case you are having trouble believing all this is possible in just three taps, I captured the screen shots below. In coming weeks I intend to capture some videos.


Riva works even when you’re offline. When your email is back online, the opportunity is created and linked to account in CRM. Email is archived to CRM. If Riva is configured to create accounts and contacts and these don’t already exist in CRM, they will be created.

Riva works with 10 of the most popular CRM systems – including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud/OnDemand, SAP Cloud for Customer, SugarCRM, and more. Riva supports Exchange, IBM Notes, Office 365, GroupWise, Gmail and Google Apps.

Please contact me if you would like your own demonstration – in just three taps!