How Riva helps banks become more customer-centric


Can easy access to data fuel growth and success – even during turbulent times?

The “client information” positioning of any bank is very important when selecting and using a CRM platform. Assuming operational excellence is the key focus – rather than strengthening customer relationships – the CRM selected may be very different. But it is the micro-level information that will dictate the success of a bank in today’s turbulent world of money and financial flow – not its “client information” positioning focus.

When a bank looks for growth opportunities and to enhance its client relationships, the foundational CRM platform rarely allows for intimate data extraction and analysis. The “telling data” (soon to be converted to useful information) is actually found in the bank’s email system. It is this information base where banks, and for that matter all industries, can find and marry rich and revealing information that can be acted upon when combined with the more traditional CRM-based data. But this integration must be done properly to ensure this ever-growing data is useful.

Integration: The key to better customer engagement, leaner expenses, and higher profits

Banks – at every turn – must be personally effective when dealing with their clients. Equally as important, banks must improve the return per client! Using an email-to-CRM integration solution like Riva CRM Integration provides banks with the opportunity to change their commercial product vision to a more customer-centric view and personalize each commercial product transaction. As a result of integrating email into the CRM, banks are then essentially integrating all of the banking products and services. This internal product and service integration can result in leaner expenses and great deployment flexibility. This “mapping of data” – resulting from an email integration process – then allows banks to execute a more robust and complete marketing effort that reflects this new personalization of the “customer-centric relationship.”

Finally, as banks continue to use special fees and product “bundling” to enhance their revenue stream, the email-to-CRM integration will enlighten bank executives as to the micro-level interactivity of its customers and better gauge their temperament and proclivity to use the banks’ products and services. This type of email-to-CRM integration allows every bank to maximize their income and yet allows it to be nimble to changes detected via such an email integration process. Banking and Riva are a perfect marriage – allowing maximum profits and regular enhancement of services.