More cloud…or less cloud?

With so many technologies swirling around all of us daily, what is an IT professional to do? The “cloud” has actually been around – in full use – for many years, but has only really become vogue in the past three plus years. The largest cloud companies – though there will always be debate – is a toss up between Amazon’s AWS product and IBM’s cloud service. There are literally hundreds of small- and mid-sized data centers around the world that are being served up as a cloud-product.

CloudsSo where does this leave the CRM-using company that is growing, but wants to make sure that all of their data is secure and accessible? Do we keep things on-premise? Do we transition to the cloud over time? Big questions that take some real thought.

Why is cloud computing important? According to many experts, cloud-based interactivity will dominate CRM deployment through the end of the decade. By the end of this year, nearly half of all CRM implementations worldwide will be based in the cloud. According to experts, that number will rise significantly by 2025.

Does this move towards the cloud in the CRM world mean the demise of the on-premise implementations of CRM platforms? Not at all! But what this trend does mean is that all companies seeking to enhance and grow their CRM use, integrate their email systems into the CRM, incorporate social information into sales opportunities, etc., need to begin looking at the investment cycle. What should you be doing right now to ensure your investment makes sense in the short-, medium-, and long-term?

This investment decision must take on one last important criteria. Regardless of whether you are considering a new CRM platform, or related add-on applications and services, you must ask yourself, “Which companies that provide cloud-based services also have on-premise services and have been around for a number of years so that I can learn from their legacy experience?”. The pool of vendors that meet this criteria is painfully small. Having been around since 2008, Riva CRM Integration is a great example of such a company. Riva On-Premise has been seamlessly implemented by some of the largest companies in the world. And these same on-premise services have been successfully and fully implemented in the cloud. This CRM integration on-premise-to-cloud pathway must be consider before any product is purchased!

CRM platforms and add-on applications like those from Riva CRM Integration, will continue to evolve over the next several years as businesses make investments in customer care – enhancing opportunities, and customer retention. Be smart and buy right.