Achieving customer delight: Where to start?

customer-insights-3Walt Disney said it best: “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

A big part of customer delight is understanding, anticipating and delivering on customer expectations. It used to be enough to just understand customer needs and be able to satisfy them; today, companies must anticipate customer needs, create positive user experiences, and respond to issues quickly across all channels. When done right, your company will achieve customer delight, brand loyalty, and word-of-mouth referrals.

How companies achieve customer delight

Every customer delight experience starts with going the extra mile for one’s customers. (A customer-focused culture, a good CRM, and reliable email and mobile integration sure come in handy too.) Consider some of your recent user experiences and what made them memorable – whether it was the last time you booked a hotel room on Expedia or made a purchase on Amazon.

Companies understand the importance of good people and shared culture, and your CRM probably has good data. So, how do you complete the circle to ensure your customer-facing staff have access to relevant data when they need it – where they need it? By providing them access to current, contextual information where they live – directly in their Outlook, Office 365 or IBM Notes email client. When you pull this all together, your team will be on the right path in their journey to delight more customers and to become a more customer-focused company.

The Riva difference

Our objective at Riva is to help companies deliver better user experiences by reliably syncing CRM data to Outlook, IBM Notes, and mobile devices. Many companies have tried technology solutions that didn’t meet their needs – that couldn’t help them close the circle. How is Riva different? Because it’s simple! Not only simple to use, it is simple to install, simple to configure, simple to manage and update, simple to customize, and most importantly, provides the simplest next step toward helping your company move toward providing customer delight.

Riva customers have long understood the value that Riva CRM Integration’s seamless, server-side, always-on data sync delivers to their end-users and companies. And now, we are pleased to announce Riva Insight, our new CRM side panel for Outlook and IBM Notes. Riva Insight is the industry’s first customer delight-focused, lite-weight email client solution that delivers the critical information your staff requires, when they need it.

With Riva Insight, customers can now take advantage of the best of both worlds: Riva CRM Integration for server-side, always-on CRM data synch and Riva Insight to provide unequaled, relevant, and up-to-date customer insight in your Outlook, Office 365 and IBM Notes email clients (with Gmail/Google Apps support later this year).

How to get Riva Insight today

Riva Cloud customers can now enjoy the latest version of Riva Insight, released June 8, 2015. Our Riva Insight Early Access Program (EAP) is available so you can test the new Riva Insight features that are added on a regular basis. Sign-up here for our EAP and start your free trial of Riva Insight. Using Riva On-Premise? Pre-register for our Early Access Program for Riva Insight for Riva On-Premise – available later this year.

Customer delight features

When reading an email from a customer or viewing an appointment, Riva Insight displays the following relevant and timely contact and account information using context-aware tiles:

  • Single-click to view relevant contact and account information based on Google Maps, Google Search, Google News and Wikipedia;
  • Single-click to the account information in CRM, InsideView and other web-based sources;
  • View the local time and weather information for the cities of contacts and accounts;
  • “Missing information” icon to let users know that CRM is missing data which limits the information Riva Insight can display;
  • Single-click prompt to fill in missing information in CRM;
  • Single-click link to initiate a phone call or email;
  • 360-degree view of a contact’s upcoming meetings with all members of your organization;
  • 360-degree view of a contact’s recent meetings, tasks, and emails from all members of your organization;
  • Single-click link to create phone call notes;
  • Track in CRM to allow users to track an email, appointment or task against an unrelated contact or account.

Account contact tile:

Riva Insight Contact Tile

Track in CRM:

Riva Insight Track in CRM

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View our recorded Riva Insight webinar to learn more about how Riva Insight helps companies leapfrog their competition and take customer delight to the next level.

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