Viva Las Vegas…and CRM 2015!

CRM 2015 (#CRM2015) is the premier event for SAP sales, marketing, e-commerce, service, and interaction center management. Visit the Riva CRM Integration booth (#855) to learn how to seamlessly integrate SAP Cloud for Customer (SAP C4C) directly to Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, Google Apps, IBM Notes and Domino, IBM SmartCloud Notes, IBM Verse, and Novell GroupWise.

CRM 2015

The CRM 2015 experience will include 37 speakers, 26 hours of educational sessions, 10 case studies, 75 exhibitors and 53 sessions. Now that’s three power-packed days!

SAP’s Global VP of CRM Solutions, Volker Hildebrand, will be delivering the keynote address. Topics will include today’s trends and challenges, SAP’s vision of next-gen customer relationship management, tips on preparing for this transition, and exploring how it will impact companies’ investments in their current CRM solutions.

The theme of CRM 2015 is “Engage your customers like never before.” In today’s hyper-competitive world, engaging your customers can be an uphill battle. Having the right CRM is only part of the solution. Unlocking its true power – that’s what propels companies to new heights of success. And that’s where Riva comes in. Riva helps companies improve customer engagement through advanced, server-side integration for CRM and email collaboration systems. Riva improves user adoption – your teams can stop flip-flopping back and forth between applications and utilize the time savings to better engage with customers!

Stop by the Riva CRM Integration booth (#855) to see how Riva drives SAP C4C user adoption, efficiency, and sales success by seamlessly and reliably synchronizing SAP C4C contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, custom fields, custom objects, and other SAP C4C data. You’ll also learn about Riva Insight, our new SAP C4C side panel for Outlook and IBM Notes, that provides additional customer insight without ever having to leave your email client.

Riva seamlessly syncs SAP C4C to Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, Google Apps, IBM Notes and Domino, IBM SmartCloud Notes, IBM Verse, Novell GroupWise, and mobile devices (including iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and more).

Introducing our newest integrations

SAP C4C integration for Gmail
We’re excited to announce Gmail integration for SAP C4C. Contact us to participate in our Gmail Early Access Program.  Riva syncs SAP C4C contacts, calendar events, and tasks to Gmail. Automated and manual email tracking capabilities with Gmail and SAP C4C are coming soon.

Email attachment integration for external storage systems
Customers are already raving about this new feature! Significantly reduce the cost of your SAP C4C solution by storing email attachments in leading cloud and on-premise storage solutions including Microsoft Azure Storage, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint Documents, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and

Why do SAP C4C customers and partners love Riva?

  • World-class reliability and experience:  Riva is trusted by over 1,000 customers globally, including 35 Fortune 500 companies, 12 of the world’s 50 largest banks, numerous Global 1000 customers, and hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses. Riva customers benefit from our extensive experience working with SAP C4C and Exchange, Office 365, and IBM Notes and Domino implementations that include advanced integrations for custom objects, custom fields, custom workflow, and other custom requirements.
  • Support for all combinations of cloud, on-premise, and hybrid SAP C4C and Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, and IBM Notes implementations: With Riva, you are not limited to syncing only cloud/cloud or on-premise/on-premise systems. Riva syncs all combinations of cloud, on-premise, and hybrid CRM and email systems.
  • Not just another Outlook plug-in:  Riva delivers reliable, server-to-server integration. There are no Outlook or IBM Notes plug-ins to install, configure, manage, or fix. Riva resolves performance and reliability issues commonly associated with Outlook plug-ins for SAP C4C. And Riva supports all Exchange email clients, including: all versions of Outlook, Office 365, Outlook Web App, Outlook for Mac, Apple Mail, Outlook on Citrix, and all leading mobile devices.
  • Advanced sync options:  Riva seamlessly syncs contacts, leads, calendars, tasks, service requests, email, opportunities, cases, quotes, orders, custom fields, custom objects, and custom categories. But equally important is the measure of control that Riva gives SAP C4C administrators in terms of how each of these CRM objects gets synced: one-way or two-way sync; automatic or manual email tracking; contact sync based on team membership, ownership, security permissions, region, or some other custom filter; and more. Riva syncs SAP C4C data the way you want it to work.
  • Support for multiple CRM and email systems:  Riva is an amazing integration platform for companies that manage multiple CRMs across business units, subsidiaries, and recently acquired companies. Use Riva to integrate Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, SAP C4C, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle CRM On Demand, NetSuite, SugarCRM, Infor CRM, Sage CRM, and others with your email collaboration system.
  • Offline access to CRM data on mobile devices:  Riva syncs SAP C4C contacts, calendars, tasks, service requests, and other data to iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Surface tablets. There are no mobile apps to install or configure. Riva delivers full support for mobile security solutions such as Good Technology, CipherCloud, MobileIron, and others. CRM data is available in the native address book, calendar, and mail apps on your devices – in online and offline modes.

These are just some of the reasons why Riva is recommended by SAP C4C partners and customers. Don’t miss the opportunity to see for yourself why Riva is trusted by over 1,000 customers globally. We hope to see you at CRM 2015 in Las Vegas at the Riva booth (#855)!

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