The evolution of the Riva Success Team

While many metrics can measure the success of a support team, we understand that providing fast and efficient resolution to customer issues is paramount to our customers’ success. With that in mind, over the past two years, we have focused on building a fantastic team of trained specialists to assist our customers.

success compass Building a new team

When we embarked on this journey to build a stronger team, our first focus was to evaluate the typical issues that customers called or emailed us about, and we focused our training to deal with those. During that evaluation, we discovered that we wanted to operate a “Success Team” instead of a “Support Team”. Why would we do that? Because we wanted to redefine our mission to be focused on  “preventing” problems to ensure our customers could move forward quickly and easily and enjoy immediate success with Riva.

We discovered that in the run of an average day, our team members handled a wide variety of situations with customers asking us for help with billing, licensing, sales, product information, and technical support. We developed an internal training program for new hires that starts with a focus on our corporate mission and culture, including an understanding about how our solutions become integral to our customers’ success. We continually provide in-house professional development to improve our team, share resolution techniques, learn and apply new technologies, and develop new procedures as we incorporate new features, CRM systems, customizations, and email platforms into Riva.

Growing a responsive team

During the last two years, we have grown from a team of three support agents to a team of 14 success specialists. We have built an operations team that manages the daily operation of Riva Cloud, our Synchronization as a Service offering. Our success team includes software testers, a dedicated technical writer, and IT specialists who have experience with the multiple CRM systems and email platforms that we integrate.

Expanding our reach and hours of service

As we continued to expand our team, we hired staff who live on the east coast of North America to provide earlier hours of operation for our customers in Europe, Asia, the Eastern U.S., and Canada. In our Edmonton, Alberta headquarters, we adopted later shifts to extend our work hours to assist western U.S. and Canadian customers and provide more coverage to customers in the Asia Pacific Rim, including Australia, New Zealand, and mainland Asia.

Agile development demands “Agile” support

We also adopted an “Agile” methodology for handling support issues which included moving to ZenDesk as our ticket management system. Tickets are dispatched to our tier-1 team, who assess and resolve them as soon as possible. When we run into difficult challenges, we work as a collaborative team drawing tier-2 and tier-3 Riva staff from our success, customization, and developer teams to address those issues and environments.

Customize Riva to meet your unique data sync requirements

As Riva matured, we improved our ability to meet a growing variety of customer sync requirements: everything from very granular filters for contact and email sync, to synchronizing dynamic categories that can trigger custom CRM workflows. We work with companies of all sizes, everything from Fortune 100 corporations, international banks, insurance and medical service companies, government departments and agencies, and small to medium businesses.

How to access our team

One of the best ways to access our team is to benefit from our extensive Knowledge Base.  Our specialists continuously update our comprehensive Knowledge Base to provide detailed information on installation, configuration, administration, troubleshooting, and problem resolution procedures. As we resolve customer issues, we update the knowledge base with anything new that we learn. If you experience an issue or have a question, we encourage you to visit Knowledge Base and search for an answer.

And if you can’t find an answer in our Knowledge Base, reaching our Success Team is just a couple of clicks away.

Riva Cloud customers

On the Riva Cloud login page, in the top right area of the page, select “Contact Us”. You can submit a question or support request by using the “Contact the Riva Success Team” form (which will create a ZenDesk ticket), or you can call us at the number that matches your geographic location.


On the Riva website, select “Support” -> “Support Request” -> “Riva Cloud”, which will bring you to a web form you can use to submit a support request, and to the list of phone numbers and office hours for our various locations.

Riva On-Premise customers

In the Riva Manager application, select Request Support in the main menu bar and complete the form. When you submit the form, Riva creates a ZenDesk ticket.


You can also submit a question or support request from the Riva website. Select “Support” -> “Support Request” -> “Riva On-Premise”. This bring you to a Request Support page where you can fill out the web form or call us at one of the listed locations.


Once you start working with our team, you may choose to select a preferred Agent who will be assigned all of your tickets. We welcome any suggestions that you can offer that will help us improve how we interact with you.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article, as it begins a series of blog posts from members of our Success Team.