Top 10 reasons customers choose Riva to sync Salesforce to Office 365 and Exchange

top10One of the major Salesforce announcements at Dreamforce 2015 was the fourth beta of their Exchange for Salesforce – available in the next release. Many of the people who stopped at our booth asked us why Riva was a better option than the free Salesforce Exchange Sync. Here are the top 10 reasons customers tell us they prefer Riva’s reliable, flexible automated sync solution for Salesforce with Office 365, Exchange, Gmail/Google Apps, IBM Notes/Verse, and GroupWise.

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  1. Riva actually works! The first thing that customers ask us is: “So, does your product actually work? We’ve been using Salesforce for Outlook (or another plug-in) that hasn’t worked out the way we were told it would and Salesforce for Exchange looks pretty limited!”
  2. Riva is not a beta product. Since 2008, we’ve earned the trust of over 1,500+ businesses, including 50 Fortune 500 companies, 15 of the world’s largest banks, and hundreds of SMBs. Our largest customer uses Riva to sync 28,000 CRM users. We support a dozen CRMs and the five leading corporate email systems. Our customers tell us our Sync Engine is the best in the industry – bar none.
  3. Riva delivers unsurpassed flexibility and functionality. One-way sync, two-way sync. Automatic and manual email logging. Calendar integration support for appointments, meetings with multiple attendees, full-day and multi-day events, recurring events, and event deletions. Advanced contact filtering. Integration of custom objects. Extensive configuration options. One person at Dreamforce visited our booth with four pages of advanced sync requirements that went well beyond the capabilities of Salesforce for Outlook and Exchange Sync for Salesforce. He was thrilled when we confirmed that Riva meets ALL of his sync requirements today and that he could choose between Riva Cloud and Riva On-Premise.
  4. Support for recurring events. Riva synchronizes recurring Exchange/Office 365 events to Salesforce and Salesforce recurring events to Exchange/Office 365. Lack of support for recurring events with Salesforce for Exchange makes it a non-starter for enterprise clients.
  5. Riva syncs more data. We don’t “just” sync contacts and calendar events. Riva seamlessly and reliably syncs Salesforce contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, custom fields, custom objects, custom categories, and other CRM data. Our customers tell us they don’t want a solution if their calendars aren’t 100% in sync and can’t support custom fields and objects.
  6. Enhanced security. Salesforce for Office 365/Exchange stores your Exchange security credentials in Salesforce. This means that ALL Exchange mailboxes and all mail objects are available to be read by Salesforce for Exchange – even the CEO’s. Riva employs a number of strategies including Exchange Security Certificates to ensure there are NEVER any Exchange or AD credentials stored in Riva or in Salesforce. Storing an entire email system login and password in a cloud-based solution is a non-starter for enterprise security and compliance requirements.
  7. Full support for multiple data encryption strategies.  Riva has support for Salesforce Platform Encryption (SOSL), CipherCloud, SkyHigh and other data encryption solutions that use real-time encryption end-point strategies.
  8. Unlimited record syncs. Riva does not impose any limits on the number of records that can be synchronized. Riva can synchronize an unlimited number of records and an unlimited number of record changes. Your business unit sync requirements will never be interrupted by an arbitrary limit on the number of records that can be synchronized.
  9. Support for attachments – including third-party. Not only can Riva sync attachments between Salesforce and Office 365, Riva also supports synchronizing attachments to a third-party data storage system. This is common in scenarios where organizations want to better manage and decrease their Salesforce attachment storage costs. Because of compliance, privacy or cost reasons, many organizations prefer that synchronized emails display the link to related attachments rather than storing the attachments themselves in CRM. Please see this blog post for additional information.
  10. Riva drives Salesforce adoption and satisfaction. This is what Riva customers really care about. Organizations are willing to invest in an integration platform that drives user adoption and satisfaction, boosts win rates, helps deliver better customer experiences, and syncs data reliably and automatically. Riva is a proven solution. It seamlessly syncs Salesforce data to Outlook for Windows and Mac, Apple Mail, Outlook Web App, Gmail, IBM Notes, iPad, iPhone, Android, and other email clients and mobile devices – without needing to install and manage plug-ins that sound great on paper, but may lack maturity and reliability.

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