Carlsberg Importers SA (CISA) chooses Riva to sync Salesforce and IBM Notes

Carlsberg Importers SA (CISA), the marketer and distributor of the Carlsberg, Tuborg, Kronenbourg 1664 and Tourtel brands in Belgium – chooses Riva to sync calendars and tasks between Salesforce and IBM Notes. The ability to deliver relevant information bi-directionally at any time to desktops PCs as well as to any kind of mobile device and tablet PC is business critical for the beer importer’s on-trade and off-trade sales team, managers, and quality technicians.


The well-known beer Carlsberg has an impressive history. It dates back to 1847 when J. C. Jacobsen established his state-of-the-art brewery outside Copenhagen, Denmark. J. C. Jacobsen believed that the industrialization of the beer brewing process had to be based on scientific methods. In 1875 he founded the Carlsberg Laboratory, for the scientific advancement of biochemical knowledge in relation to the brewing of beer. This laboratory and their research had an international influence on breweries worldwide. Carlsberg was also the first international beer introduced in Belgium in the early twentieth century. Today Carlsberg Importers SA (Cisa) are marketing and distributing the famous Carlsberg as well as Tuborg, Kronenbourg 1664, and Tourtel brands in Belgium.

The Challenge

At Carlsberg Importers, the sales executives and managers who are controlling the warehouse inventory, managing sales and logistics processes, reporting the quality and quantity of the products at the PoS and in other places along the supply chain need to access and provide precise data on time. The entire communication process is very complex and utilizes several mobile devices, desktop computers, and applications in different locations to input, access, and analyze data.

Managing this information via a CRM system is mandatory. Bridging collaborative information stored in IBM Domino and the CRM is business critical. Being able to sync appointments and tasks is extremely important to Carlsberg Importers.

In 2014, Carlsberg Importers moved from a Windows based CRM to Salesforce. Their e-mail communications rely on IBM Domino. They initially tried EasySync and Traveller for the synchronization of their CRM and e-mail system. However, the retirement of the CRMobile/Euremis application on Windows tablets caused severe synchronization issues.

Carlsberg Importers then tried the free Salesforce plug-in for synchronization. Due to the number of clients and hardware where the plug-in needed to be installed and managed, the solution turned out to be too time consuming and costly. Also it did not offer the flexibility and possibility for further customizations. Additionally, due to the growing number of users, it became clear that a more straightforward and less complex solution was needed.

When Carlsberg Importers started their search for a new CRM integration solution, the local Salesforce CRM consultant firm ABSI, who also implemented Salesforce, proposed and recommended Riva CRM Integration.

The Solution

The first priority for many of our customers is the ability to reliably sync contacts. For Carlsberg Importers the top integration priority was synching appointments and tasks bi-directionally between Salesforce and IBM Domino.

Riva CRM Integration syncs more than any available plug-in or CRM vendor option. Riva delivers seamless access to Salesforce contacts, calendars, tasks, opportunities, cases, contracts, custom objects, and more to all email applications and leading smartphones and tablets. Riva syncs Salesforce directly to IBM Domino and Notes on the back end. That means there are no IBM Notes or Salesforce plug-ins to install, configure, or manage on users’ desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. Plus, Riva integrates Salesforce with all IBM Domino clients – including IBM Notes, iNotes, IBM Notes Traveler, IBM Notes for Mac, and IBM Notes for Citrix.

Regardless of whether Carlsberg’s sales and product line managers are using Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone), Android, or BlackBerry smartphones and tablets, iNotes, or the latest Notes desktop client – Riva has them covered.

The features and flexibility Riva offers were very important to Carlsberg Importers since their staff is spread across several departments and locations, and use a variety of different tools and hardware.

Riva CRM synchronization works on the server side, so there are no plug-ins needed. This means savings in time and cost since there is no need to install on every client machine. It also saves time spent on maintenance. Riva is installed once either as a Cloud (SaaS) or as an On-Premise solution into a Windows server or a Virtual Machine. The software stays on the server and the synchronization happens on the server-side. Every user’s e-mail and CRM data (e.g. tasks, appointments, e-mails, attachments etc.) is synched independent of the user’s type of hardware, client and/or their location.

The Results

The main driver and reason for the implementation of Riva to Cisa was that their on-trade and off-trade sales representatives, managers, and the technicians executing quality control tasks to have their tasks and calendars synchronized reliably, quickly, automatically, and bi-directionally.

“The initial set-up was professionally and remotely guided by Riva’s customer services. It took only two hours to complete the synchronization of Salesforce and IBM,” describes Eric Samain, Information Systems Director at Carlsberg Importers. “The straight-forward setup and reliability were two of the main reasons we chose Riva.”

“We are also very satisfied with Riva’s support. Everything is well documented in Riva’s Knowledge Base. With a quick search, you have all the relevant information you need within seconds,“ says Mr. Samain.

Future plans at Carlsberg Importers include expanding their Salesforce and IBM Notes integration via Riva to more employees, and to also synchronize e-mails between CRM and IBM Notes.

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