Document destruction company Shred-it takes peer collaboration to new heights with Salesforce and Riva!

In May 2014, Shred-it merged with Cintas Document Shredding, doubling their size overnight. The company uses Salesforce, but needed a solution that would integrate their disparate systems and ensure world-class collaboration and communication amongst their staff.


UK_Truck_Driver_BuildingBackground-newsletter.jpgEstablished in 1988, Shred-it was one of the first paper shredding companies in the world. In May 2014, Shred-it merged with Cintas Document Shredding, doubling their size overnight and creating a new company that operates under the Shred-it name. Today, they’ve grown to be a global leader, providing secure information destruction service to over 400,000 customers in 170 markets, in 18 different countries. Shred-it now employs more than 5,000 associates and operates a fleet of over 2,000 trucks. But big success doesn’t come without its challenges.

The Challenge

You don’t dominate your industry with over 170 service centers around the world, provide the best security in the business, and have a reputation for excellent customer service without continuously examining and improving upon your performance, and being passionate about delighting your customers and staff.

After implementing Salesforce, Thomas Swinbourne, Global Salesforce Administrator for Shred-it, set out to find the best way to optimize Shred-it’s customer experience and provide unparalleled collaboration, communication, and consumption for their UK-based staff members using the platform. Tom knew this meant finding a solution that would effortlessly integrate Shred-it’s Salesforce platform with Outlook. That’s when he found Riva CRM Integration.

The Solution

Riva has created the industry’s most sophisticated Sync Engine that supports over 12 of the world’s best CRM systems including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP C4C, Oracle Sales Cloud, Infor CRM, NetSuite, Sage CRM, SugarCRM, and others.

Riva takes your relevant CRM data and synchronizes that data directly over to Salesforce. Riva is extremely flexible, which is something Shred-it really appreciates. “With Riva, we’re able to sync what we want, when we want to, at a very detailed level,” states Swinbourne. “For example, you can set the time of sync down to 15 minutes. You can also set how aggressive that sync is and choose what record it goes to.” Shred-it chooses to sync every email, meeting, and event a team member creates to the corresponding contact in Salesforce. The entire organization then has instant transparency of all communications, fostering timely and intelligent collaboration between all of Shred-it’s team members.

The Results

With the addition of Riva, Shred-it has successfully unlocked the power of their Salesforce platform – now allowing multiple teams within their organization to benefit from the always-on sync between Salesforce and Outlook. “Having to look in only one place for Outlook traffic and Salesforce activities is a big win!” says Tom.

Today, Shred-it has efficiencies they just never had before. For example, Shred-it is now able to deliver world-class collaboration between team members and a 360º view of their customers in CRM. “We needed Riva because it seamlessly syncs Salesforce to Outlook. No tokens, user settings, or logging into anything. It’s an effortless integration,” states Tom.

Reactions from the sales, customer care, marketing, bid, analysis, and sales development teams have been very positive. Now the team is able to harness the knowledge previously siloed in different systems and access valuable customer relationship information in an instant.

“Our implementation was so seamless – providing such a smart and stable set-up – that we’ve now expanded our Riva implementation to the entire North American based sales team,” says Tom.

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