A guide to Riva’s listings in leading CRM marketplaces

“We believe the future of successful CRM implementations starts with third-party add-ons!”
Aldo Zanoni, Riva CRM Integration CEO

And why do companies small, medium and large need to add third-party add-ons to their CRM implementation?  Because customers are looking to improve their competitive position in the marketplace.  Customers are looking to move beyond the default CRM offering to improve user adoption and CRM integration requirements, and add value to their CRM investment.

When selecting a CRM platform, it’s important not to focus only on the CRM options.  You actually need to work backwards in the selection process and ask yourself questions about how well the CRM integrates with your other systems – with your email system being at the top of the list!  Why?  Because you already have a robust email system that your sales, service, marketing and support teams use every day.  This is where your users spend most of their time.

The first question to answer about your proposed or current CRM is “How well does our CRM integrate with our email system?” Other questions include:  Are your users still doing double data entry – once in your CRM and then in your email system?  What immediate access to CRM and social information do our users need to be able to deliver customer delight and create new sales opportunities? How will adopting this CRM improve our sales, service, support and other customer-facing processes if it doesn’t integrate the way we need it to integrate with our email system?  Does the integration solution meet our specific sync and integration requirements?  Does it integrate our custom fields, custom objects and custom processes?  Do we have to install an Outlook, Notes or browser plug-in on every laptop, desktop and mobile device?  Does the solution work only with Windows or does it support our Mac and mobile users?  Does it only work with the latest version of the operating system and email client?  What happens when we upgrade our email client, desktops, mobile devices or email system?  What CRM integration options provide the best access to social insight to support your companies growth strategies and beat your competition?  What is the level of user satisfaction and adoption of our CRM?  Is it 30%, 50%, 90%?  And many more…

If you’re just starting to select a new CRM, and need to find answers to those questions, researching the value provided by third-party add-ons like Riva CRM Integration (Riva On-Premise, Riva Cloud and Riva Insight) can help you get started on the right foot. And if you’re looking for the best way to take your CRM implementation to the next level, checking out the options in the different CRM marketplaces can help get you there.

So where can you find these magical third-party add-ons?  Here is a list of CRM marketplaces where you can find out more information about Riva’s solutions:

After you have done your research, we look forward to being the partner you select to help take your CRM project to the next level.