Improve your CRM ROI: Luck has nothing to do with it!

roiSo let’s say that you are a small time rancher with a few head of cattle, a few chickens, and some other animals. You have enough to put food on your family’s plate and you have a nice but small leftover amount of meat to sell to the community stores. At this point, you are satisfied that your bills are settled and you’re feeling pretty good.

Feeling “good” always places a smile on people’s faces. But wouldn’t you rather feel GREAT rather than just good? I know that sales people feel GREAT when they know their efforts have helped them successfully break previous sales records.

As a sales person, how can you spend more time feeling GREAT? By being diligent, paying attention to details, and maximizing your efforts!

Here are several ways you can increase your total sales opportunities each and every month:

  • Customer satisfaction can make or break a business. What is your business doing to ensure each customer engagement is amazing? And is this customer satisfaction responsibility and success being shared with everyone on the team?
  • Many businesses are focusing on developing strategies to improve the return on investment (ROI) of their CRM solution to help raise customer engagement across departments. But most sales opportunities are actually found inside of emails that – if not synched with the CRM – go undiscovered. Use the tools that are available – or acquire these important tools over time.
  • It is tough to create an experience that delights your customers if your salesforce is held back by non-current technology. Using fully integrated tools like Riva’s Insight with InsideView and LinksWithin will elevate the sales opportunity experience to levels unknown prior to using these tools.
  • Most of us understand that customer satisfaction is important. But what happens when company employee satisfaction isn’t taken into consideration? Satisfied and engaged employees lead to an immediate improvement in customer experience. Using Riva’s Sync and Insight solutions, whether on premise or in the cloud, will get your sales and other customer-facing employees the relevant CRM and social information the need to succeed with all of your customer interactions.
  • Making sure that employees are getting the most of your CRM will improve your data integrity and customer engagement.
  • Always consider where your sales, support, marketing, and operations teams – people who interact with customers – spend most of their day. For many of them, it’s in email. And for them, transparent access to CRM data in their email client is the best start toward feeling great about customer interactions.
  • We know that mobility allows employees to have flexibility and a much higher level of quality-of-engagement with customers. Part of the success equation is to make sure your sales and support team members have ready access to the CRM, social information, and information functionality they need – when they need it.
  • CRM systems are great, but to optimize your ROI with CRM and to increase your customer and employee satisfaction, transparent integration of CRM with your email system combined with access to relevant social information will help you feel better than “good” every day when your interacting with current and potential customers.
  • Having the proper strategies and tools in place to bring it all together will optimize CRM ROI.