Riva photos from SugarCon 2016

Riva was a proud sponsor of SugarCon 2016, the seventh SugarCon event we’ve sponsored since 2010.

SugarCon2016The theme of SugarCon 2016 was “Transforming Relationships.”

Industries are being disrupted by companies that are mastering digital and mobile technologies to create better connections and deliver greater value to customers.

SugarCon 2016 offered new insight from experts and industry leaders on how companies can take a holistic approach to Transform Relationships, aligning strategy, people, processes and systems to drive deeper customer understanding and deliver more engaging customer experiences.

This theme is closely aligned with Riva’s ability to seamlessly connect CRM and email collaboration systems and to make customer data and account intelligence more accessible.

Riva photos from SugarCon 2016

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