Poppers Senco relies on Riva Cloud to bridge SAP C4C and Microsoft Exchange

Poppers Senco, a manufacturer of fastening tools, synchronizes tasks, contacts, and emails between SAP C4C and Microsoft Exchange using Riva Cloud. The ability to deliver vital CRM and email content bi-directionally at any time – to desktop PCs and a variety of mobile devices and tablet PCs – was an important success factor for the fastening tool manufacturer. Among their requirements for choosing a solution for their SAP C4C and Microsoft Exchange implementation were the need for a fast and easy implementation, very low maintenance, a high level of flexibility, and the ability to meet safety standards. Poppers Senco found all of this in Riva Cloud.


Poppers Senco service teamPoppers Senco is a manufacturer of fastening tools. As a part of the Poppers International group, Senco represents the industrial fastening market throughout the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia) region – with wholly owned subsidiary organizations in Netherlands, UK, Germany, Ireland, and Turkey. Senco is a well-known and popular brand that produces a wide range of pneumatic, electric, gas, cordless pneumatic, and battery powered applications. They have been a leader in the industrial fastening system industry for more than 100 years.

Over the years, the company has developed the highest level of expertise in this specialized industry, and is able to provide excellent support to their customers ranging from the most straight-forward to the most technical requirements. The Senco brand stands for quality and service.

The Challenge

Poppers Senco implemented SAP C4C to more effectively manage the company’s customer relationships. However, the implementation of the new CRM system created several challenges.

The account managers at Poppers Senco were already used to automatically synchronizing their e-mail and CRM systems using Infobridge, so they never updated the CRM manually. However, Infobridge could not synchronize SAP C4C with Microsoft Exchange. “Since the account managers of Poppers Senco are constantly traveling to customers, they really need their customer information always available on every device including desktop computers, mobile devices, and especially on iPads”, said Tim Schut, ICT Manager. For Poppers Senco, the most important items to synch between SAP C4C and Microsoft Exchange were tasks, addresses, and emails.

Poppers Senco is a growing company, so the number of new users is constantly increasing. Every user has at least two devices. That’s why new software installation and on-going maintenance on every single device would have been simply too time consuming for the company to manage. They knew only a server-side integration that would allow them to synchronize SAP C4C and Microsoft Exchange without having to touch each user’s device was the answer. They also realized that they needed a cloud based solution – one that would free them from maintaining a server and would provide the high security standards their customers demanded.

The Solution

Poppers’ SAP consultant, Acorel, recommended Riva Cloud to solve their SAP C4C sync challenges. Riva syncs SAP C4C directly to the company’s Microsoft Exchange Server. Riva is able to sync SAP C4C contacts, tasks, and emails to all Exchange email applications and mobile devices. There are no additional Outlook plug-ins or separate SAP C4C mobile apps that need to be installed, configured, or managed.

Riva Cloud met the needs of Poppers better than any other integration solution Poppers considered. Regardless of whether their account managers are using iPads, iPhones, Androids or desktop computers, Riva has them covered. Riva CRM synchronization works on the server-side and no plug-ins are required. There was no server setup needed, simply one unique configuration in the Riva backend to activate the synchronization. Because of this, it saved time and costs, allowing for a fast roll-out of the new CRM. “When we setup the configuration in Riva with our in-house IT experts and the SAP experts from Acorel, we received great support from Riva. Every question we had was answered immediately”, said Tim Schut. In addition to being easy to setup initially, maintenance of Riva Cloud is also effortless. A fast-growing company like Poppers needs to scale quickly and smoothly with a high degree of flexibility. Riva Cloud ensures this. It also met Poppers high security standards. Because of the ease and success of the Riva Cloud implementation, Poppers plans to expand the CRM integration in the coming year.

The Results

For Poppers Senco, the main driver for the implementation of Riva Cloud was the rollout of their new SAP C4C system. The previous CRM integration they used couldn’t provide synchronization between SAP C4C and Microsoft Exchange.

From a single Riva Cloud dashboard, Poppers can view and manage SAP C4C calendar events, tasks, and contacts from all Exchange email clients. “Riva Cloud provides hassle-free SAP C4C and email integration on all of our sales team’s devices, including our account manager’s iPads”, said Tim Schut ICT Manager. Riva lead to higher productivity with less documentation effort. With the easy configuration and the cloud solution a fast rollout was possible, which saved not only time but also money.

Poppers Senco will continue to take advantage of the high flexibility of Riva Cloud and expand the number of user licenses in the future.

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