Marazzi benefits from Riva Cloud to sync data between Sugar and Office365

Marazzi is a leading international player in the ceramic tiles sector with a high reputation on design. To manage calendars and tasks across desktops and mobile devices, they rely on Riva and save a lot of time by synchronizing information automatically between Sugar and Office 365. Riva optimized user satisfaction and CRM acceptance and strengthened Sugar as the core of all business information and processes.


Marazzi is a leading international player in the ceramic tiles sector. Experience and innovation capability, creativity and design, tradition and culture, a passion for ceramics and environmental awareness are the fortes of Marazzi ceramics which have been defining living spaces since 1935, combining aesthetics and top quality materials. With headquarters based in Sassuolo, Modena, Italy, their 1,500 employees ensure the high quality of Marazzi’s products.

The Challenge

Marazzi’s organization is very customer-centric. They use Sugar Professional to manage all of their customer relations and rely on Office365 as their e-mail and collaboration platform.

As an international vendor, the Marazzi sales teams are responsible for engaging with customers all over the world. Precise management of their appointments and tasks is business critical – especially in an industry where customers have very specific requirements, tough project schedules, and highly customized production needs. For example, one of Marazzi’s customers is the airport of Cape Town in South Africa which services 15 million passengers each year. Marazzi delivered 40,000 square meters of porcelain stoneware flooring for the airport project. Managing such large-scale projects requires transparent and detailed planning and documentation.

To ensure this, the sales teams originally managed their appointments and tasks within their e-mail calendars and then re-entered all the same information into Sugar. This process resulted in an excessive amount of “double” manual data entry, user frustration, lost time and productivity. Missing data was also a big challenge since not all information was making it into CRM.

Marazzi was not interested in implementing client-side plug-in solutions.  They wanted to avoid the hassle of needing to install, configure, and manage plug-ins on all clients like PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and tablet PCs. Instead, they relied on the expertise of their CRM partner OpenSymbol, a leading CRM consultant company in Italy selling Salesforce and Sugar. OpenSymbol recommended Riva CRM Integration to solve Marazzi’s calendar sync and other data integration challenges and provide a reliable bridge between the two isolated systems.

The Solution

Based on Riva’s always-on, server-side integration of CRM and e-mail systems, Marazzi decided to test Riva. With Riva, no plug-ins needed to be installed, set-up, or maintained. The synchronization always happens in the background on the server. Customers can chose between running Riva in their environment installing Riva On-Premise on a Windows server or a virtual machine or custsomers can consume Riva Cloud for Synchronisation as a Service (SaaS). Marazzi’s chose to implement Riva Cloud.

All tests surpassed the expectations at Marazzi and within hours and, with the assistance of Riva’s support team, all users were seamlessly set-up and synchronizing. One of Riva’s key values for end users is that Riva’s synchronization services are completely invisible to them. There is nothing end users need to do to sync contacts, calendars, tasks, and much more between their e-mail and calendar application and CRM. Riva’s synchronization is bi-directional and relevant data is synchronized even if users are not logged into their computers (on- and offline).

With the Marazzi mobile workforce using not only desktop PC’s, but also laptops when traveling, tablets when on customer sites, and mobile devices when on the road, Riva’s server-side synchronization became even more valuable. With default support for all desktop, mobile, tablet and other email clients, Riva customers value the fact that their calendar and other CRM information is always up-to-date. Riva delivers seamless access to Sugar contacts, calendars, tasks, opportunities, cases, custom objects, and more – with all email applications, leading smartphones, and tablets (including Windows Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003 and Office 365 Business and Enterprise editions).  Riva also provides full support for IBM Notes, iNotes, Mac OS, Outlook for Mac and Novell GroupWise email clients. Mobile device users benefit from Riva’s synchronization via the native mobile applications for calendar, contact and e-mail integration on all mobile device operating.

The Results

As a result of Riva’s implementation,  Marazzi was able to transform its CRM processes and successfully deliver immediate and tremendous time-savings and value for their users.  Riva improved CRM data quality and reliability for Marazzi. The sales, management and executive teams can now concentrate on working with their customers and planning their meetings, calls, tasks, etc. instead of carrying out cumbersome double-entry data.  Regardless of whether users enter appointments in their Office 365 calendar clients or in their CRM – all appointment information is automatically available on their users’ desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

“Riva provides our sales managers and users with maximum flexibility. With Riva, they can now add an appointment to the calendar on their iPhone – and back in the office, the calendar information is available in Sugar as well as in their Outlook clients,” said Stefania Stradi, Web & Collaboration Application Consultant at Marazzi.

“Besides freeing up our sales managers’ time, we see much better data quality in Sugar. This transparency and availability of all information at our finger tips has optimized our CRM acceptance and strengthened Sugar as the core of all our business information.”

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