Leading insurance provider uses Riva to automatically process insurance policies, emails, and calendars

A leading global insurance provider uses Riva to automatically process insurance policy claims that come in via email (IBM Notes) and archive them in Salesforce. Riva On-Premise was specifically customized to cater to this process. Call center teams now have the ability to quickly sort incoming emails and automatically define the behavior of certain patterns of emails. Riva was also set up to work with CipherCloud, a security gateway that encrypts all data going in and out of Salesforce.


A global leading insurance provider, specializing in life insurance, business insurance, retirement, and investments, uses Riva in its Australian branches to automatically synchronize incoming insurance policies, emails, and calendars. Globally, Riva is used across several branches for email and calendar integration. Riva was customized to automatically detect and file incoming insurance policies – a task that saves users an average of several minutes with each new incoming email.

The Challenge

This insurance provider came to Riva with some very specific requirements. Not only was there a need for basic email and calendar sync, but also a need for Riva to automatically detect and process larger numbers of emails containing insurance policy claims that were coming into a dedicated mailbox. More precisely, the company wanted those emails to be assigned directly to their specific Salesforce case – a task that was carried out manually before and that took up a considerable amount of time. Since not all policies are the same, Riva was asked to apply additional matching filters for specific cases such as missing users or unmatched email addresses. It quickly became clear that several customizations would be necessary to perform all these tasks.

Furthermore, the call center teams also wanted to benefit from using Riva by quickly triaging incoming emails into their respective categories.

Overview of challenges
  • Automatic detection of insurance policies (dedicated mailbox)
  • Several inbound mailboxes, each performing different tasks
    • Customer folder for customer emails
    • Advisor folder for advisor emails
    • Match unmatched email addresses
    • Include “from” email address in a custom field on case object
    • Include user records in a custom field on case object
  • Call center teams needed quick way to sort emails
  • Standard email sync
  • Standard calendar sync

On top of that, the company uses the encryption software CipherCloud to encrypt all data going into Salesforce, as well as all data leaving the CRM.

The Solution

The Riva customizations team was deployed to look into the different requirements and suggest possible solutions for each desired outcome. The company wanted to deploy Riva On-Premise, but how could Riva be customized to meet all those requirements? After careful consideration, a token matching customization was applied to manage the different inbound mailboxes.

  • Riva automatically identifies policy number details in email subject or body text and routes the email to the appropriate Salesforce case
  • Replies now go directly to case in Salesforce
  • Customer email goes directly to customer folder
  • Advisor email goes directly to advisor folder
  • Custom fields were applied:
    • The “from” email address is put into the custom field on the case object
    • Email is put on case, but Riva can potentially be customized to put the email anywhere

As for CipherCloud, the program puts a custom URL into Riva that allows for a transparent sync. In fact, Riva works with many gateway security programs. Riva itself is a very secure pass-through architecture: Communication from Riva Cloud to and from your CRM and email systems is made via SSL encryption. Riva communicates with your Exchange Client Access Server (CAS) using SSL-encrypted access to Exchange Web Services and communicates with your CRM using encrypted web services. The HTTPS certificate used for rivasync.com is the highest available from Verisign using an RSA 2048-bit encryption.

The Results

Riva’s value proposition is clearly in its reliability and adjustability. When this company first approached Riva, they were after far more than a simple sync tool. They were after a solution that would make their lives a lot easier by applying custom logic and intelligence to a sync solution. Riva was able to deliver this based on many years of experience and based on Riva’s smart and flexible server-side sync.

“Riva is proud to support this global insurer by delivering cutting-edge integration with Salesforce. This solution demonstrates the power of configurable, always-on server-side sync in delivering greater compliance, time savings and service improvements to our Insurance Sector clients,” says Peter Charnock, Riva General Manager, Asia Pacific.

With CRM analysts predicting a 100% growth in CRM and email sync requirements for 2016-2017, having a sync solution in place is quickly becoming a standard business requirement. Riva clearly goes far beyond your average plugin or native sync option, as this customer case highlights.

Do you also have specific requirements that call for a customized and personalized sync solution within your business? The Riva team would be more than happy to consult and provide solutions for your environment. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will be happy to share our ideas, expertise and knowledge! We wool forward to working with you.

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