Are you ready for GDPR? Riva is!

GDPR is coming! Check with us to ensure that you are General Data Protection Regulation compliant before the clock runs out in May 2018.


New AWS data centres in Europe for GDPR Compliance

GDPR was proposed by the European Commission to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the European Union (EU) while also addressing the export of personal data outside of the EU. The goal is to give people back control over their own data.

As of December 1, 2017, Riva offers EMEA-based customers the ability to have their Riva Cloud dedicated instance deployed in a European Union-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centre. This provides specific data residency and private/hybrid cloud configurations preferred by Riva customers who are moving towards GDPR compliance.

Available February 1, 2018, existing Riva Cloud customers (currently hosted in the US) will be able to have their existing configuration securely transferred to European AWS data centres. Make sure to contact us to schedule the free migration.

With GDPR, organisations are required to process data only for authorised purposes, ensure data accuracy and integrity, minimise subjects’ identity exposure, and implement data security measures; otherwise, they will be fined. They will also be fined if there is a data breach. But Riva is here to help.

All Riva Cloud customers will continue to benefit from Riva’s ongoing commitment to security, data integrity, and availability – with quarterly penetration testing, encryption at rest and in-transit, and industry-leading vulnerability scanning. You can count on us!

Are you a Riva On-Premise customer who would like to migrate to Riva Cloud? Would you prefer a private cloud deployment managed by Riva’s top-tier Client Engagement team? You can now do so with full data residency compliance. Contact us to find out more about our seamless migration services to Riva Cloud. Our team is only a click or call away.