PractiFI and Riva CRM Integration partner to deliver powerful integration and operational efficiencies for financial services businesses

PractiFI, a customer engagement platform for financial services, and Riva, a global technology leader in CRM and email integration trusted by 15 of the world’s largest banks, today announced a strategic partnership to benefit financial services businesses. This powerful partnership allows PractiFI and Riva to deliver operating efficincies and compliant audit trails like never before.

New integrations make joint customers more productive, increase user adoption and ROI

PractiFI uses Riva’s email integration to ensure all team members have visibility of all client communications and a rich, compliant record of interactions. 

Riva’s advanced calendar integration for PractiFI syncs all CRM appointments to users’ devices, so you never miss another meeting or event. With the data in PractiFI, you can track workforce utilisation, meetings by type and identify team members with more capacity. 

“With email and calendar being fundamental business tools, we’re excited to add Riva to our expanding ecosystem, delivering genuine efficiency to financial advice, superannuation and insurance businesses,” explained Glenn Elliott, CEO of PractiFI.

“We are delighted to partner with PractiFI to bring Riva’s seamless, reliable integration to PractiFI’s powerful customer engagement platform,” said Peter Charnock, Riva General Manager for Asia Pacific.

Riva CEO, Aldo Zanoni, added, “Riva is very pleased to add PractiFI to its growing global ecosystem of CRM specialists, vendors, and consultants.”

The combined functionality of PractiFI and Riva makes CRM easier to use and positively impacts CRM user adoption. Bluewolf’s State of Salesforce Report 2016 notes that if users find CRM easy to use, ROI for CRM implementations will increase three-fold. The report also predicts the use of email synchronisation will grow this year from 32% to 56% of CRM users. That’s a 100% increase in one year and reflects the value that PractiFI and Riva provide. 

About PractiFI 

PractiFI is the industry application for running financial services businesses. PractiFI connects financial advice, superannuation/pensions, insurance, investments, and lending on the Salesforce platform.

About Riva

Riva, a Gold Salesforce Partner, delivers advanced, server-side CRM and email integration for over 100,000 Salesforce users and 1,200 companies every day. Riva is trusted globally by 35 Fortune 500 companies, 15 of the world’s largest banks, numerous Global 1000 companies, and hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses.

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