Riva Admins: Setting up Riva Cloud is now even easier!

As your Riva Cloud admininstrator, you’ll be excited to learn about some of the recent Riva workflow improvements. To take advantage of these new features and enhancements, view our Knowledge Base article on the latest Riva Cloud release. New features and enhancements will be applied to all paid and trial accounts (for non-Riva Cloud Enterprise customers) as soon as the Riva Cloud update is completed.

Whether you are getting started with Riva Cloud for the first time or looking at implementing a second Riva Cloud subscription, you can choose the proper account type in terms of user administration right from the start with this option now being available in trial mode.

Riva Cloud supports everything from individual users, to SMBs, to enterprise level implementations from a scalability, flexibility and administration perspective. When you sign up for Riva Cloud, the first thing you’ll need to do is determine which subscription mode you require. We are always happy to review these options with you and recommend which is best for your workflow and sync requirements. (General note: Please be aware that we are in the process of updating our Knowledge Base articles to reflect the latest release improvements and expect that work to be completed shortly.)

Another highlight of the new Riva Cloud release is an integrated help button – from any page in Riva Cloud – you can now access the Riva Cloud CRM Sync documentation in the Knowledge Base with just one click.

Riva Cloud provides three subscription modes:

Learn more about all three subscription modes.

Option one – Corporate Mode

  • One email connection
  • One CRM connection
  • One Riva sync policy that applies to ALL the Corporate Mode users

This mode is beneficial for organizations or departments where all users require the same sync policy settings, and where these settings are managed by one Riva admin user. Riva supports the ability to have two or more administration users, in which case you determine a synching and a non-synching admin user account. Riva Cloud Corporate Mode is highly recommended for managing more than 10 users in one centralized installation.

Option two – Company Mode

Each user has:

  • an email connection
  • a CRM connection
  • a Riva sync policy

Great for small teams whose team members require unique sync capabilities but still want their accounts to be managed by a Riva administrator. From an administrator’s point of view, Company Mode requires a bit more work to set up and maintain the users than Corporate Mode does. Best suited for environments where configuring mailbox full access/delegation or CRM admin access is not available or not supported by the email system, CRM, or IT security team.

Option three – Single User Mode

Each user has an individual:

  • Email connection
  • CRM connection
  • Riva sync policy

This is for environments where each user is responsible for implementing and managing their own Riva Cloud account and sync policy.  If you add one or more users to the Single-User mode, the mode is automatically changed to the multi-user Company Mode.

After choosing Corporate, Company, or Single-User mode, you can proceed with configuring your CRM, your email system, and your sync policy, etc. The benefit of choosing the mode first is that it simplifies the process of configuring your CRM and email system. If you need further assistance in setting up and configuring Riva Cloud, we’ve got you covered! You may use your free 30-minute Get-Started-Session for our SaaS Riva Cloud services.

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