Leading energy provider relies on Riva to synchronize calendars, tasks, and opportunities between SAP C4C and Office 365

One of Australia’s leading energy providers uses Riva to seamlessly synchronize calendars, tasks, and opportunities from Office 365 to SAP Cloud for Customer (SAP C4C). In addition, customizations were developed and deployed to cater for the energy company’s specific needs around organizing a large field trades people database and meeting management.


This company offers electricity and gas plans, solar options, and appliances for private and business accounts around Australia. Having a large field-based team of trades people and technicians on the road meant this company needed a reliable solution to synchronize calendars, tasks, and opportunities between SAP C4C and Office 365. The enterprise sales team uses Riva Cloud to filter opportunities and to identify accounts via a drop-down field in Outlook. The Riva Success team was involved in multiple customizations for this client, allowing them to align their business needs with their sync requirements – seamlessly and reliably.

The Challenge

When the company implemented SAP C4C, the immediate challenge was user adoption. Field staff and enterprise sales teams were far too busy to manually input data into the new CRM. However, in order for all teams to interact and operate efficiently, the CRM was needed to organize schedules, accounts, and opportunities in a way that would provide insight for everyone involved. Furthermore, enterprise operation teams needed the ability to organize trades peoples’ calendars on the road.

The company approached Riva in early 2014 with those requirements and additional customizations to fully align all systems with its daily business activities. The company wanted to give staff fully integrated access to all systems without disturbing them in their daily business activities.

Summary of Challenges

  • Large number of field-based staff
  • Busy staff with little time to manually enter information in multiple systems
  • Enterprise staff needed the ability to organize field staff from the office
  • Customization requirements

Due to the nature of the business, custom opportunity filters and layouts were required.

The Solution

Riva was brought in for testing and a pilot engagement in October 2014. During a three-month testing and implementation phase, the Riva Success Team developed the following customizations for the company:

  • Custom opportunity filter
  • Custom opportunity layout
  • Custom address book notes field with field options to describe the status of an account in Exchange
  • When a contact record maps to Exchange and no Exchange field exists to put the record in, it will automatically be recorded in the notes field.
  • Account status identifiable via a drop-down field in Outlook following every meeting. In addition, the standard sync for calendar items, tasks, and opportunities was enabled.

The Results

Implementing Riva has given staff at the energy company the freedom to perform their tasks uninterrupted. Riva’s automatic sync allows staff to operate within the system of their choice, knowing that Riva will work in the background and synchronize all items reliably back into SAP C4C.

“Riva is pleased to partner with utility providers around the world, ensuring that their teams remain in sync regardless of location, email platform, or CRM,” said Peter Charnock, Riva General Manager, APAC.

Riva’s value proposition is not only in its reliability, but also in its customizability. You might need to map custom objects or fields, or maybe you want to automatically record specific items from your inbox to folders within CRM. Talk to us today about your options – Riva can help.

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