Carnival Australia counts on Riva to magically sync calendar items and appointments

Carnival Australia is part of Australasia’s largest cruise ship operator. With a mobile sales team that needed a solution for reliable Salesforce calendar and appointment sync without disturbing existing processes, Carnival Australia turned to Riva in 2014 to investigate calendar sync. After a Riva White Glove Session which included minor customizations, Carnival Australia was able to successfully deploy Riva Cloud as a seamless and integral part of their business needs.


Carnival Australia is part of Carnival Corporation & plc and the leading cruise operator in Australasia and the South Pacific. Collectively it represents the world’s most popular cruise brands including Carnival Cruise Line, Cunard Line, Holland America Line, P&O Cruises, P&O Cruises World Cruising, Princess Cruises, and Seabourn. Together these brands represent approximately 80 percent of the Australian and New Zealand cruise market. Carnival Australia uses Riva to synchronize calendar items as well as recurring and regular appointments. This in turn greatly improves data quality and user satisfaction amongst a quickly growing mobile sales base.

The Challenge

Carnival Australia uses Salesforce as their CRM and IBM (Lotus) Notes as their email client.  Carnival needed their sales team’s calendars to be integrated with Salesforce to provide a mirrored view. In addition to calendar integration, the company also needed reliable and advanced back-end integration. Carnival Australia evaluated the available options and determined that Riva had the best solution to meet their integration needs.

  • Reliable integration between Salesforce and IBM Notes
  • Back-end, transparent integration
  • Efficient sync that doesn’t disrupt sales staff
  • Ability to adapt to changes in the company environment

The company’s sales team spends much of their time traveling and meeting clients. They needed the ability to coordinate their appointments on-the-go. Without a reliable sync option, calendars between the two systems would be mismatched and would create conflicts resulting in wasted time for sales staff and interruption to their daily business activities. Riva provides the ideal solution for this problem – reliable and seamless server-side sync.

The Solution

In a White Glove Session (Riva’s assisted deployment for IBM Notes integrations), Riva CTO, Stéphane Zanoni, helped implement Riva in the Carnival Australia environment. “Since Notes customers are traditionally larger deployments, we take security, configuration, and deployment very seriously and want to ensure they are successful the first time”, Stéphane said. “The White Glove Session on-boarding service is a free service that we offer for all Notes deployments. It includes up to three hours of discovery, configuration, installation, and training on Riva with the objective of having a new customer up and running at the end of those three hours.” To ensure the Riva implementation met all of Carnival Australia’s needs, the Riva Success Team was engaged to deploy a minor customization that captures Salesforce account information in Notes – including account name, details and a direct link to the account in Salesforce from their email client. This functionality is now widely available to all IBM Notes clients through Riva Insight. After working with the Riva Success Team and testing the implementation, Carnival Australia moved to production and it has been smooth sailing ever since.

The primary determining factors in deciding to move forward with Riva were reliability and not having to interfere with users’ processes. “The sales team doesn’t realize Riva is doing its magic in the background”, said Rosalino Gonzales, Business Systems Manager at Carnival Australia. In fact, this is one of the many reasons our users are so happy with Riva; once installed, it is easy to forget. Users don’t have to remember to log in, manually update data, or manage it otherwise. This makes Riva the most reliable and user-friendly sync option available in the market today.

The Results

Users at Carnival Australia are very happy with the sync solution Riva provided. “We made the switch to Riva because there is no other efficient solution like it in the market”, Rosalino explained. “Our functionality needs were completely met by Riva.”

Today, Carnival Australia enjoys full appointment sync with Riva, allowing its mobile work force to focus on winning business rather than entering data. “It’s great to have a proven and dependable integration that works with no worries”, Rosalino added. “Riva is an efficient integration technology that works in the background. That means sales staff can completely depend on it while not getting disturbed.”

Carnival Australia is currently using Riva’s calendar, recurring events, and appointment sync due to internal company policy. But since there are plans to move to Outlook in the future, adding additional Riva functionality to include email sync may well be an option.  If you’d like to learn more about how Riva can help deliver CRM user and customer delight, please contact us for a free demo today!

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