Munters AB enjoys Riva’s ease of use and the simplicity of integration between IBM Notes and Salesforce

Munters is a global leader and premium partner in energy efficient air treatment solutions. Using innovative technologies, the Munters expert engineers create the perfect climate for customers in a wide range of industries with the largest being the food, pharmaceutical, and data center sectors. Munters has been defining the future of air treatment since 1955. Today, manufacturing and sales are carried out in 30 countries by approximately 2,700 employees. To improve CRM adoption across their global employee base, Munters now uses Riva to integrate Salesforce with IBM Notes and easily synchronize appointments, tasks, emails, and opportunities. Munters also use Riva’s SmartConvert and Drop-Folders to enhance the overall ease of use and greatly improve employee efficiency.


As a world-wide leading partner in energy efficient air treatment solutions, Munters relies on both a reliable and innovative CRM system and a strong email system to manage their global customer base. But how do you get a busy employee such as a sales manager, who might be on the road a lot, to constantly update both systems? The answer is simple: You don’t have to. When Munters implemented Salesforce, they soon realized that they had a much higher chance of improving adaptability through CRM integration. In fact, Niklas Myrnäs, Senior System Specialist / System Administrator at Munters, confirmed that the feature most often used is “handling opportunities and leads from within the email”. This means employees never have to leave their email system but can rest assured that Salesforce is updated automatically. What a great time-saver!

The Challenge

When Munters implemented Salesforce early in 2016, Niklas soon realized that if employees were to adapt to the new system and use it easily, they also needed a solution that would integrate with IBM Notes. As new Salesforce users, Munters looked at a number of integration options. But, as Niklas soon realized, these other solutions “weren’t really candidates as they would have forced us to do too many customizations (for example within mail database and templates) to make it work. That leads to more maintenance, technical and user support. “

After running a search online, Munters came across Riva. “After some reading and watching demonstration on YouTube and the Riva website, three things stood out: the ease of use, the simple integration into the mail, and last but not least the customizable integration with Salesforce.”

  • Ease of use: Users should be able to easily access and change data from whatever preferred device or platform they were using; be it their Mac, iPhone, or tablets like the iPad.
  • Simple integration into email: The integration solution Munters was looking for should not require intensive management or constant updates, such as plug-ins tend to do. Having found Riva, Niklas realised that it runs “with ease and fulfil(s) our organisations needs without intensive maintenance.” A single administrator is all that’s needed to maintain and integrate the tool into the business processes. Like most employees in large organizations, Niklas is busy with his everyday tasks. That means he needed a sync solution that not only wasn’t creating extra work, but was actually lightening his workload. Riva was able to deliver this and much more.
  • Customizable integration with Salesforce: Riva already syncs appointments, tasks, opportunities, and email between IBM Notes and Salesforce. But what about the cases where users need specific functionalities, such as token matching customisations or custom filters? The beauty of Riva is that is can do all that and much more, if needed. That means Riva will, out of the box, sync contacts, tasks, meetings, phone calls, emails, accounts, opportunities, cases, and much more. But it doesn’t end there. Riva is highly customizable and our success team will work its hardest to find a solution for your specific case.

The Solution

Munters began testing Riva Cloud in early 2016, with the aim to see how the tool held up compared to other integration solutions. The increased need for more maintenance, technical and user support that other solutions required to make it work meant that Niklas would have had to spend a considerable amount of time and energy on customizing databases and templates to make it work – not to mention on-going maintenance.

When Munter came across Riva, all these problems were solved with a single stroke. Riva integrates itself with the users mail databases without the need to change any database templates. What’s more, as a sever-based solution, Riva allows full mobile and web access for overall ease of use. “Riva is solving our problems through ease of use, the simple integration into the mail, and the customizable integration with Salesforce.” said Niklas.

  • The need for flexibility: When the company first contacted Riva, they were specifically after a solution that would not burden them with additional maintenance and customization requirements. Also, usability should be taken into consideration; aiding the adaptation of the new CRM rather than presenting users with yet another new system to get used to. Riva was able to meet all those requirements.
  • Easy implementation: “Currently we are using the Riva cloud-based solution and the implementation was easy.” said Niklas. “One connector server on a virtual (Hyper-V) windows based Domino server holding the Riva Connector database and some settings within the mail system and firewalls was all that was needed to make it work.” Riva is very easy to set up – and with the 15-day free trial, you can be up and running within just a day.

  • Reliability and ease of use: With Riva, there are no client-side plug-ins to install, configure, or manage. Riva syncs directly to the email server on the back end. Users have seamless access to their CRM data from all email clients (Windows Outlook, Outlook Web App, Outlook on Citrix and Terminal Server, Outlook for Mac, and others) as well as from any mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, etc.) and any tablet PC. When asked which services were offered to the users (as compared to before), Niklas answered: “Mobile and web access and overall ease of use.” In summary, Riva proved to be the simplest, easiest to implement, yet most powerful solution for Munters.

The Results

When Munters first approached Riva, they had a very clear understanding of what they wanted, yet hadn’t found a single suitable solution amidst all the different sync tool currently available. Needless to say, Niklas was happy when he came across Riva and realized that an easy-to-implement, user-friendly, and reliable sync solution already existed – right at his fingertips!

After a period of testing Riva Cloud and learning all about its powerful functionalities, Niklas proceeded to start a pilot project with 10 users in the Swedish office. From there, things progressed quickly. Another environment for testing and training was set up in the UK, where 15 users were added. They have been using Riva happily since.

Munters hasnow decided to move to Riva On-Premise and have purchased another 200 user licences. They are currently in the process of setting up the test environment, after which the new users will be rolled out globally.

Riva support has played a vital role in the process of customizing cases and functionalities. The most important thing is for Riva to “run with ease and fulfil our organizations needs with little to no maintenance”, Niklas claimed. “But when needed the support is very important”. Riva support has been assisting Niklas through the initial setup process and also in the process of migrating users from the Cloud solution to Riva On-Premise.

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