A leading Australian building materials supplier uses Riva to prevent potential multi-million dollar loss

Synchronizing individual user calendars might not seem like too big a deal, until taking a closer look at the implications of having an unreliable sync solution in place (or none at all). In the case of a building materials supplier in Australia, the reliable Riva sync solution prevents the possible loss of customers worth millions of dollars, while providing business benefits that far outweigh the investment. This company quickly realized that Riva not only helps retain business, it also saves staff time and money.


A global leader of building material supplies uses Riva in its Australian operation to synchronize all calendars for field technicians and sales staff. With a large staff base that predominantly operates out in the field, this company relies heavily on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones to capture client data and manage calendars. Riva automatically picks up those items and synchronizes them back to desktop computers and CRM in the office, allowing sales teams and field technicians to operate independently and confidently.

The Challenge

Being a well-established company with more than 120 years of history, this company has more to offer than just its high-quality range of building materials and supplies. It has a reputation to uphold and protect, one that symbolizes the tale of a family business that has passed and grown successfully through many generations.

The emergence of ever-faster business practices, tighter deadlines, stricter client demands, and growing competition makes it necessary to respond to customer queries in a timely and professional manner. Yet, answering to those demands with a whole range of technological improvements such as implementing Salesforce CRM and outfitting field staff with the mobile devices necessary to operate independently outside the office simply wasn’t enough. Field staff soon felt overwhelmed with having to enter data manually into various systems. This led to a whole range of problems:

  • Inaccurate data, or even data loss
  • Missed appointments, or double-bookings
  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Loss of business

In return, staff who were exposed to this were experiencing great insecurities:

  • Lost confidence
  • Lost productivity
  • Lost effectiveness

Finally, this reflected negatively on the company as its credibility and reputation began to suffer.

The Solution

It soon became clear that the company needed to find a solution for this problem if it wanted to retain credibility and avoid losing business, which, in the case of this global building material supplier, can quickly add up to several millions of dollars.

After researching possible solutions, the company’s CRM consultant realized that he needed a solution that would pull all systems and devices together without interrupting the user’s actual workflow.

“Our sales staff doesn’t like changing their processes”, the consultant explained. “They are used to operating in one system only and didn’t like the fact they were supposed to enter data into CRM manually. We needed a solution that would operate in background, while reliably getting all the data from the mobile calendars into the other calendars back in the office.”

After starting a trial with Riva, the CRM Manager quickly realized that he had found a perfect match. “Nothing in the user interface suggests that Riva is operating in the background. It is very elegant.” Riva now synchronizes calendars, meetings and recurring appointments of all filed technicians and sales staff for this company. Riva also creates and updates any contacts bidirectional between mobile address books and CRM.

And the CRM Manager is open to exploring further Riva functionalities. “We could even get Riva to create new accounts and opportunities”, he said. “This is definitely something we might look into in the future.”

The Results

Implementing Riva to synchronize calendars has not only solved the company’s immediate problems around data quality. In fact, the benefits of using the Riva sync solution not only prevented the loss of business in the long run, but also provides ongoing justification for the investment:

  • Improved productivity
  • Improved data quality
  • Sound credibility and reputation
  • Increased staff confidence
  • Improved CRM adoption

“Riva is proud to have worked closely with this Australian icon to help improve relationships with it’s partner and distribution networks. The building supplies sector in Australia produces world-class innovations and we are delighted to witness the progressive roll-out of Riva across this market leader’s overseas subsidiaries”, said Peter Charnock, Riva General Manager – Asia Pacific.

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