Riva’s reliable sync capabilities used by leading Australian payment service provider

The financial service industry can be a delicate business. With a keen focus on customer satisfaction and data security, a reliable integration tool is necessary to ensure business success. That is why a number of businesses from within the Financial Services industry turn to Riva for their CRM data automation needs. One Australian client, in particular, uses Riva to synchronize calendar items, emails, and contacts between Salesforce and Exchange.


As a major player in the finance market, providing ATM, cash-out and payment solutions, this Riva customer is heavily dependent on a sync solution that is both reliable and robust. Being at the forefront of innovation in a sensitive industry and priding itself on customer-centricity rather than mere transactional relationships, reliability and accountability lead this company to seek out Riva to meet its growing needs.

The Challenge

This company approached Riva with a specific aim to improve integration between their new Salesforce CRM and Exchange. At the time, the company was going through a period of significant growth and needed a solution that would reliably capture calendar events and emails. CRM adoption was low, and so appointments were missed, or not properly captured, which produced potentially disastrous outcomes in this fast-paced, customer-focused industry. In this particular case, sales managers were handling the fallout from unhappy customers.

Customer-facing sales reps and field staff were keen on being able to use their mobile devices to update appointments. That’s where Riva comes in.

The Solution

After watching several Riva videos and reading relevant Knowledge Base articles, the company decided to deploy a free Riva trial to test Riva in their environment. It quickly became apparent that Riva outperformed the “free” plugins in terms of reliability, robustness, and adaptability.

“In the financial sector, there simply isn’t any room for broken plugins, leading to missed appointments and potentially compromised data,” said Peter Charnock, Riva’s General Manager, APAC.

Riva is a leader in CRM data automation and Customer Intelligence. Riva does not need to be installed and managed on each individual device. Rather, Riva is cross-platform and cross-device applicable, with many advanced functions to fit most business needs directly out-of-the-box. Riva was also designed to address the more complex needs of companies who require more advanced customization options.

Today, the company uses Riva to archive emails, organize meetings, create CRM contacts, and manage field staff – primarily from within Outlook.

“The time savings have been huge; while both customer and staff satisfaction levels have soared. This company is getting things done that otherwise wouldn’t get done,” Charnock reflected.

The net result is that the company is now able to communicate with a much broader group of clients, in a shorter timeframe, leading to faster business growth.

The Results

While user adoption for Salesforce was rocky, Riva was able to bridge a significant gap between sales staff requirements and the two systems (Salesforce and Exchange), while firmly closing the door on potentially compromised data and missed appointments. In a highly competitive industry, and the financial sector specifically, client satisfaction is the key to success.

“Riva has worked co-operatively with this leading Australian provider to help them deliver customer delight while making Salesforce easier and faster to use for their field and in-house teams,” Charnock explained. Looking toward the future, there might even be room for expansion. Armed with the knowledge of Riva’s full functionality set, the company can be rest assured that whatever it takes on next, Riva will be there to support.

Riva is proud to be able to keep its promises and support yet another important client with their integration requirements. Are you eager to explore Riva’s full functionality set for your business? Get in touch and book a demo with us today!

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