AVEVE: Impressed by Riva’s seamless integration of SAP C4C with Gmail

AVEVE Group, the market leader in agricultural and horticultural supplies in Belgium, uses Riva to sync calendars, emails, and contacts between SAP C4C and Gmail. For AVEVE Group, the most important criteria when searching for a CRM data automation solution was the ease of use and ability to deliver relevant information bi-directionally at any time – saving the company time and money.


AVEVE Group logoThe AVEVE group, provider of goods and services such as cattle fodder to the agricultural sector, is also known for running the largest chain of commercial garden centers in Belgium. The company, headquartered in Leuven, employs approximately 2,000 people with annual revenues reaching 1.2 billion Euros. These earnings place the AVEVE Group among the top 100 companies in Belgium.

The origins of AVEVE Group date back to the foundation of the Roman Catholic Boerenbond, Belgium’s professional association of farmers, which was founded in 1890. Today AVEVE Group operates 50 companies in Belgium and abroad.

The Challenge

AVEVE Group implemented SAP C4C in 2017. Upon implementation, the company appointed one administrator for the role of providing IT support for the sales representatives, who use SAP C4C for their customer interactions.

AVEVE Group was searching for a way to seamlessly sync emails, calendars, and contacts between SAP C4C and Gmail, an integral part of managing the sales representatives’ workflows.

Prior to discovering Riva, employees worked without any sync solution. This lead to the sales representatives struggling with the task of having to not only switch between the two systems, but also download emails and add them as attachments to the client profile.

AVEVE Group quickly realized that integration between their new SAP C4C and Gmail platforms was paramount to synching calendars, emails, and contacts to save time, which in turn saves costs.

SAP recommended Riva to AVEVE Group in order to sync their customer data and improve the sales and communication process within the company.

Riva met all of AVEVE Group’s requirements for data automation, but most importantly, met their most critical goal of synching information between AVEVE Group’s Google agenda and the calendar in SAP C4C.

The company initially opted for Riva’s test environment and were beyond impressed by the ease of use. Since Riva lacked a bunch of convoluted steps and sync processes – a key requirement for AVEVE Group’s users – they were able to quickly graduate from Riva’s trial phase to a full-blown Riva implementation.

The Solution

Riva is used to sync SAP C4C and Gmail for close to 350 users at AVEVE Group.

The set up for AVEVE Group was smooth and successful. Riva provided a user guideline for preparations as well as a “Getting Started” session with the Riva support team for the company’s employees. The connection was set up based on the specific needs and requirements of AVEVE Group and the company was not only appreciative, but also well prepared for the process.

After testing, Riva was deployed in the production environment of AVEVE Group’s CRM. Although the company faced some challenges during the changeover, AVEVE Group was extremely happy with the Riva team. Despite the time difference between AVEVE Group and Riva – based in Edmonton, Canada – AVEVE Group consistently received regular and timely updates from Riva’s Customer Success Team.

Now AVEVE Group benefits from the reliable synching of emails and, perhaps most useful for the sales representatives, the calendar integration.

The Results

Riva enables AVEVE Group’s sales team to work more efficiently in SAP C4C and Gmail. Employees no longer have to switch back and forth between systems as both are integrated. Additionally, the users can now indicate which emails they want synched to the CRM automatically.

Riva has added more CRM value for AVEVE Group by creating an environment of ease for the sales representatives when booking client visits. The representatives can now immediately see, via their synchronized Google agenda, if another appointment has been scheduled for that time – ridding the sales staff of confusion and overlap in terms of schedules.

“I was really impressed by the support of the Riva team. Despite the difference in time zone; they always looked for ways to make time for us,” said Erwin Verstraelen, CIO, AVEVE Group.

AVEVE Group will continue to take advantage of Riva’s extended flexibility and stability in the future by expanding their CRM integration with the possibility of sending invites or visits created in SAP C4C to specific clients.

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