Secret Riva features that will unleash the power of your CRM – Part two

Imagine compiling accurate data in your CRM and having invaluable customer intelligence be available for your users! With Riva, the customizable configuration possibilities are limitless, allowing you to get the full ROI from your CRM.

secret features of rivaIn part one of our series, ‘Secret Riva features that will unleash the power of your CRM’, we talked about customizable features like storing attachments separately from conversations, flexible calendaring options, and professional-looking, standard Outlook invitations sent directly from CRM. Now let’s dig a little deeper and explore how Riva delivers powerful customer and relationship intelligence.

Riva empowers your customer-facing teams by revealing relevant customer and relationship intelligence to create a cohesive, contextual experience every time customers interact with your business.

Incorporating additional customizations like the ones featured here takes your CRM to a whole new level. When actionable customer intelligence begins to flow freely from your CRM, you’ll no longer have to beg your team to use your CRM because they will see the incredible value of transparent CRM data automation. CRM adoption becomes a natural for your users! Let’s explore a few more of these powerful customizations:

  • Is your team customer and relationship intelligent?
    Riva’s customer and relationship intelligence helps your team build deeper and more effective relationships. One example of this is the ability to show extended contextual customer details in your calendar, helping your team stay on track with appointments and up-to-date with client information. Riva Insight is our social panel for Outlook and IBM Notes. It populates related and relevant CRM data directly in your email client. Riva customers love the time savings their team members experience with our customer intelligence! Answers to questions about your customers is only a click away. Where is the company located? How many employees do they have? What are their annual revenues? What’s the weather like in their area? Have they been in the news recently? Preparing for meetings is a breeze! Users can easily review other relevant customer details including account name, related opportunities and amounts, and sales stage associated with the client while also viewing upcoming and historic events. Learn more.
  • Get the right data to the right people
    Synching data sounds easy enough, right? The ugly truth is synching data between your CRM and email system can be complex and messy – resulting in team members getting CRM contact information and alerts not intended for them. But not with Riva’s CRM data automation. Riva offers unlimited possibilities for allocating the sync options for different users or groups. For example, when setting up the sync options, it can be specified that only the assigned CRM contacts are synchronized to the address books of the users.The availability of granular settings that can be applied to groups of users, avoids any requirement on the part of the users to sync thousands or even tens of thousands of contacts from the CRM address book with their mobile devices. Riva all but eliminates the inherent risks of manual data input and clumsy individual data synching. Riva allows for synching of CRM contacts by ownership, group ownership, CRM visibility, relationship relevance, and more. Learn more.
  • Ensure your CRM’s data integrity
    Your CRM acts as a system of record for contacts, meaning they are stored in the CRM and shared with users on their email and phone or tablet devices. Riva allows sharing of this information between the CRM and email systems or handheld devices without fear of accidental tampering of the contact by providing the option of uni-directional synching. This prevents accidental changing or deleting important contacts from a smartphone or tablet. If necessary, system administrators and/or sales managers can apply Riva’s roll-back information or detect changes feature. The roll-back process restores the contacts to their original version in the CRM. This ensures data integrity. Learn more.
  • Build deeper, more effective customer relationships
    Stop fighting your team’s natural instincts to live in their email system. Turn on the customer intelligence that will fuel your team’s ability to delight your customers and add value to their interactions. Riva allows your team to track CRM activities directly in their email system. You have the ability to create categories directly in your teams’ email calendars for things like customer calls or webinars and even private categories, which can define different sync behaviors. When a new customer call is created or a new appointment made in the email calendar system, users can assign the email category and have it automatically tracked against the appropriate activity type in your CRM. Learn more.

Riva’s advanced synchronization features can unlock the valuable customer intelligence and data trapped in your CRM and empower the employees that use it. We hope you have been inspired to make the most of your Riva implementation through these examples. If you have a sync requirement that you don’t see here, please contact us to discuss your needs.